Winter Meetings Review: Day 2

After a relatively quiet Monday in Orlando, the second day of 2013's Winter Meetings brought a little more excitement, as a couple of notable trade candidates found new homes. Let's round up Tuesday's top MLB headlines…



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  1. calamityfrancis 2 years ago

    We’re on pace for a 3 trade Winter Meeting event.

  2. rct 2 years ago

    Kudos to you guys for staying on top of all of this. There’s so much information to track down, twitter feeds to monitor, reaction pieces to read; it’s a pleasure. Thanks!

    Here’s to getting little to no work done today!

  3. TbRays14 2 years ago

    Next three team trade:
    Rays receive: Walker, Franklin, LA Top prospect, Smoak

    Dodgers receive:Price, rays prospect

    Mariners receive:Kemp, Joyce, LA prospect

  4. SwingtimeInTheRockies 2 years ago

    That $2 million in the Brett Anderson trade went to, not from Colorado.

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