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A look back at the original reporting and analysis found on MLBTR this past week:

  • Jeff Todd examined the qualifying offer system by considering its context (impact on the overall market, individual teams, and players) and purpose (taxing free agency, distributive goals, and competitive benefits). Jeff opines changes to the QO (including de-coupling the compensation and forfeiture aspects, encouraging participation by smaller-payroll clubs, and more closely aligning compensation/forfeiture to a player's actual market value) could vastly improve the system's function by more evenly spreading its benefits and burdens.   
  • The 2013-2014 Offseason In Review series continued with Jeff's synopsis of the Giants and Padres; Charlie Wilmoth's look at the Pirates and Cardinals; Mark Polishuk's rundown of the Yankees; Tim Dierkes' recap of the White Sox; and Steve Adams' analysis of the Twins and Royals.
  • Tim concluded his Out Of Options 2014 series (the 40-man roster players who have less than five years service time and are out of minor league options, per MLBTR sources) with his survey of the AL East, NL East, and AL West. Tim also combined the division-by-division breakdowns into one all-encompassing list sorted alphabetically by team.
  • Spending on free agents this offseason has now exceeded $2B, so Jeff updated each team's total to date. 
  • A pair of players switched agencies this week. Tim was the first to report White Sox outfielder Avisail Garcia joined Octagon after having been with the Beverly Hills Sports Council and MLBTR learned Astros shortstop Jonathan Villar left the Kinzer Management Group for MDR Sports Management. 
  • Steve hosted this week's live chat.
  • Zach Links assembled the best of the baseball blogosphere for you in Baseball Blogs Weigh In

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1 year 5 months ago

Jeff Todd’s work on the QO system and possible alternatives is some of the best writing I’ve seen in a while, in any discipline. Well researched, thoughtful, well presented.