NL Notes: Niese, D’backs, Pirates, Marlins, Dodgers

Mets left-hander Jon Niese was removed from his start today after only two innings and 35 pitches with what the club calls left elbow discomfort. Niese had been wearing a neoprene sleve on his left arm the past few days, tweets Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News. "It's the Spring Training from hell," Niese told reporters (as quoted by's Adam Rubin). Niese also said he hyperextended the elbow, which first flared up during an intrasquad game 10 days ago, and has been taking anti-inflammatory medication and undergoing rehab since. Niese added the discomfort is in the back of the elbow, not in the ligament area (the focus of Tommy John surgery). The Mets are flying the 27-year-old to New York tonight with a MRI, his second in less than three weeks, scheduled for tomorrow, tweets Marc Carig of Newsday

Elsewhere in the National League:

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  1. Alex 1 year ago

    As soon as I read elbow: “Not another one!”

  2. kungfucampby 1 year ago

    Corbin fell off a cliff the last month of the season.

  3. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

    Volquez Stuff-wise is top-shelf.
    However, his control is still an issue from what I read from his Spring training stats.
    I guess the Pirates think he will get it together.

    • DaveP 1 year ago

      Watched Volquez the last 2 couple of years in SD. He has the stuff and seems like a great teammate but just doesn’t get it done. If anything goes wrong (doesn’t get a call, fielding error, etc…) he just melts down.

  4. johnsilver 1 year ago

    There is no issue with either Hand, nor Turner. Both can have a slot in the rotation if they so choose.

    Heaney hasn’t even pitched a single game at AAA, so there is no rush on him. They can leave Koehler out of the rotation and go with Fernandez, Eovaldi, Alvarez, Turner and Hand. Just because kohler has had a decent spring doesn’t mean it will translate into the regular season, it hasn’t yet and I’d rather them try out the more gifted Hand initially, though take Koehler as the long man and switch back to Koehler is Hand falters.

  5. Lord of the Fries 1 year ago

    Niese clearly has something wrong with him, he hasn’t looked right in either of his spring starts.

  6. GrilledCheese39 1 year ago

    Vin Mazzaro for Juan Francisco. LH platoon, bench piece. Brewers get solid reliever, Pirates trade 1M to keep all league minimum guys. Also opens up spot in Pirates bullpen. Brewers get to use Overbay/Reynolds at 1B.

    • inner division? Doubt they wanna help eachother out when they both could be battling for a wild card spot

  7. BruinPirateAnteater 1 year ago

    I really like what I’ve seen from Justin Turner this spring. He was a steal for the Dodgers for sure. He’ll be a reliable utility player and will help soften the impact of loosing Schumaker, and Punto to other teams, and Hairston to retirement. Not sure what LA expects from Erisbel Arruebarrena, or when he is expected to join the big leagues, but hopefully he’s also a good player. I think Guerrero will be a great player, but he still needs time, he’s looked like a good back up right now. Gordon has played tremendously this spring, but I still have my doubts. A bench with Turner, and Gordon and maybe Arruebarrena (without seeing him play, you can’t really tell if he is out SS of the future when Hanley eventually moves to 3rd) would work for me. It has the potential to be as good as last years bench, or better; at worst it wont be quite as good, but not too far from it either.

  8. AZDbacksfan1 1 year ago

    If Corbin’s injury is a worst case scenario injury, and if in house rotation options such as Delgado or Bradley don’t work, maybe a trade with the Tigers is possible considering Iglesias’ injury and a somewhat abundance of extendable Tigers pitchers and Dbacks shortstops?

  9. Cha5678 1 year ago

    Player options start when they’re added to the 40 man roster, not the major leagues, although often that will occur at the same time. And I’m pretty sure we should blame the Tigers if Turner was rushed. Hand was “rushed” into being the Marlins’ third choice to replace the injured Josh Johnson slot in mid 2011.

  10. escapingNihilism 1 year ago

    so Daisuke and Lannan both make the rotation. Montero replaces one of them in late April after the deadline to preserve another year of team control, and Syndergaard replaces the other after the Super-Two deadline in late June. @Niese: cya w/Harvey in 2015.

  11. Justin wilson for mike Carp?

  12. Rob Lucci 1 year ago

    Should of traded Niese when they had the chance.

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