West Notes: Rockies, Astros, Padres

The Rockies don't look like a top team this year, but their best-case scenario could get them to the playoffs, Troy Renck of the Denver Post writes. That might mean staying near .500 until the summer, adding a bit of talent at the trade deadline, and clearing the way for young pitchers Eddie Butler and Jon Gray to help propel the team into the postseason. That might not be likely for the Rockies, Renck suggests. But it's possible. Here are more notes from the West divisions.

  • The Astros' recent approach to pre-free-agency extensions (they've discussed them with Matt Dominguez and Robbie Grossman, who lack star upside, as well as Jason Castro and George Springer) is different than most teams', CBS Sports' Jon Heyman writes. "In the past these deals were limited to the best players in the game," GM Jeff Luhnow says. But that's not the Astros' philosophy. Their approach to extensions is typical of the Astros' outside-the-box view of how to build a team, Heyman suggests.
  • The Padres won't pursue starting pitching help from outside, Dennis Lin of the San Diego Union-Tribune tweets. They feel they have enough depth with the young starting pitching already in the organization. San Diego, one of many teams dealing with pitching injuries, recently lost Josh Johnson for the first several weeks of the season, and Joe Wieland is now out until the All-Star Break as well.

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  1. David Galvan 1 year ago

    San Diego is so deep with starting pitching.

    • Seamaholic 1 year ago

      No more than most teams, to be honest. They have a fair number of back-end types hanging around, but not much high end quality. Lots of teams can say that.

  2. Tigers72 1 year ago

    The Astros are smart. You need star players to be locked up-to have sustained success. But if you get your solid average players locked up to that you need to compete then you don’t have to over pay for one via trade or free agency and also if you have a superstar coming up then you have a valuable trade piece with a solid player to a team friendly contract. I wish the Tigers would do this with Jackson, Porcello, and Castellanos.

  3. David Galvan 1 year ago

    They won’t need any starting pitchers for years

  4. SwingtimeInTheRockies 1 year ago

    I think our best-case scenario is 2015.

  5. GasLampGuru 1 year ago

    Wait, you mean Josh Johnson got hurt? SHOCKING! The Padres have a major issue with their young arms breaking down, it has to have something to do with the way they baby them and their throwing programs. They’ve just had too many incidents for it to be a coincidence.

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