NL Notes: Sandoval, Arrieta, D’backs, Martin

Here’s the latest out of the National League:

  • The agent for Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval says that the free agent-to-be is still open to discussing a new deal, though no talks have occurred “in months,” according to a tweet from Andrew Baggarly of Sandoval, who will hit the market before his age-28 season, has put up a solid walk year. In addition to a .283/.330/.438 line and 14 home runs through 463 plate appearances, Sandoval has impressed defensive metrics and scouts alike with his glovework on the hot corner. Even better, his primary competitor on the third base market, Chase Headley, has not impressed. Of course, many clubs will probably view Hanley Ramirez as a third base option at this point as well.
  • Cubs starter Jake Arrieta says he is open to an extension with the club, as Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Though his agent, Scott Boras, typically advises his clients to go year-to-year until reaching free agency, Arrieta says he loves playing in Chicago and would be interested in a reasonable new contract. “I don’t think I’m a guy that’s going to ask for an astronomical amount of money,” he said. “But I think if there’s a fair deal to be reached, I’m in 100 percent.” Arrieta added that he felt Boras would not be any hindrance to a deal, but would instead arm him with the necessary advice and information to enable him to reach a decision. He did note that no talks had occurred to date: “I don’t think it’s out of the question. I don’t think there’s been anything formal in the works, but this is an organization that I’ve really seen a transformation take place … .” Arrieta will be arb-eligible for the first time next year, entering his age-29 season, and could not have set himself up much better. His current line: 2.77 ERA over 110 1/3 innings with 9.2 K/9 against 2.4 BB/9.
  • The Diamondbacks will be in the market for starting pitching over the coming winter, and could look to the Japanese market to fill the need, reports Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic. Having worked to increase the team’s presence in Japan, the D’backs have been among the many teams watching 26-year-old righty Kenta Maeda, says Piecoro.
  • Braves righty Cody Martin drew plenty of interest as the club looked to bolster its bullpen and bench at the trade deadline, writes Bill Ballew of Baseball America. With a solid feel for multiple quality offerings, Martin has drawn comparisons to Kris Medlen and is viewed as a solid rotation or pen candidate despite his lack of a single plus pitch.

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  1. Jacob Cook 11 months ago

    “Scott Boras” and “reasonable new contract” in the same sentence. . . Somethings not right here, other then me.

    • Jeff_Todd_MLBTR 11 months ago

      Carlos Gomez is a Boras client.

    • jb226 11 months ago

      Boras gets too much hate. The clients decide what deal they sign. If they aren’t giving him guidelines on what offers they want to see it’s specifically because they want him to use his take-it-to-the-edge tactics.

    • Eric 11 months ago

      Maybe it’s a bit of confirmation bias because Boras mostly draws clients who are interested in top dollar. If a player wants an extension, I’m sure he will be happy to oblige.

      • Jacob Cook 11 months ago

        I was just rinsing and repeating the old gag, short and simple. Although, It sure beats the gone-with-the-wind “Medical Pending” jokes. As if the Boras comments were biased enough. . .

  2. DippityDoo 11 months ago

    Do you wait til next year and see if Arrietta can maintain or do you approach him now and hope to save a few million? I think it would be wise to wait til next season, see if he can keep performing at this level.

    • xcal1br 11 months ago

      I would love it if they locked him up at a reduced rate. He has top of the rotation stuff, it’s his health that may be an issue. That being said, I would be happy handing him a five-year deal with a club option for the sixth.

      • DippityDoo 11 months ago

        What kind of numbers would be appropriate? Gio Gonzales while more accomplished at time of his extension, a similar comp?

  3. Casey J 11 months ago

    What are some potential landing spots if Sandoval walks ?

    • bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

      Arizona top of the list.

      • Hoosierdaddy92 11 months ago

        Wow, that’s a good call actually. A heart-of-the-order of Goldy-Sandoval-Trumbo in that ballpark would be really solid.

      • MJ 11 months ago

        I just don’t see us putting up the money for him.

  4. AmericanMovieFan 11 months ago

    Pablo Sandoval. What’s he worth? 28 the first year of his next contract. Durable. Consistent. Making $8MM in his final pre-F/A season. I say he’ll be asking for 8 years/$160MM, he’ll get offered 6 years/$100MM and he’ll settle for 6 years/$114MM with a $6MM buyout on a $21MM option for a guaranteed 6 years/$120MM.

    • DippityDoo 11 months ago

      I just can’t see that type of deal for Pablo. I might be a bit biased in not accepting escalating salaries, but for a guy who averages 3 war a season its going to be real interesting. I was thinking he would get more of a 5/80 deal but demand at 3rd could get him over 100 million.

      • KJ4realz 11 months ago

        I see something similar to this. I don’t think the guy is going to get close to 20 mil a year. That 15-17 range is about the amount I see. 15-17 for about 5, maybe 6 years. So at most a 102 mil dollar contract.

        • AmericanMovieFan 11 months ago

          I’m not against the idea of limiting him to 3-4 years at $14-16MM per, but that’s just not how the market plays out, generally.

    • Noah_I 11 months ago

      Considering Sandoval’s body type, if I were an interested team I’d be willing to give him more money per year short term (3-4 years) to not have him on a long term deal.

  5. BB_dont_R 11 months ago

    Arroyo arroyo arroyo… The Dbax should stop buying starting pitchers at the flea market and hire a pitching coach staff that can develop talent. Perhaps Larussa will change the pitching development but I have little faith in an organization that basically throws money on a fire.

  6. Revery 11 months ago

    Jake Arrieta better be careful or he is going to end up with an absolute boatload of fans in Chicago.

    • schaddy24 11 months ago

      With the way he’s been pitching, he already has a boatload of fans.

      • over101 11 months ago

        He’ll lose them like Travis Wood

        • schaddy24 11 months ago

          Travis Wood’s season last year was a smoke screen. His advanced numbers showed that he was significantly over achieving if you only look at ERA.

          link to

          As you can see, his ERA didn’t tell the entire story. Fans that only pay attention to traditional stats would be none the wiser.

          Arrieta’s advanced numbers this year are even better than his ERA suggests. It’s certainly possible for him to regress, but all his numbers point to him turning the corner.

          link to

  7. I don’t see Sandoval making much more than a 5/85 type deal. He’s got talent, but he’s had multiple conditioning problems that one should not expect to go away after he gets his money. The slowing metabolism doesn’t help either.

  8. buya 11 months ago

    let Sandoval walk.

  9. Brendan Haglund 11 months ago

    Aramis has to be getting some talk on the 3rd base market. He might even be a better short term option than Sandoval or Headley if he keeps hitting and playing stellar defense.

  10. Gumby65 11 months ago

    Hanley has probably (un)worked himself into a qualifying offer scenario for the Dodgers.

    • BB_dont_R 11 months ago

      Are you kidding??? Why wouldn’t the “IT’S JUST MONEY (shrug)” Dodger$ not offer Hanley a qualifying offer. Offer $15M to a guy who wants a $100M, and bring his market value down to reality. Then even if he walks and signs elsewhere they get the compensation pick, or if he is devalued enough they can save long term in devaluing him to the open market because of the pick. It’s win a win scenario for a team who throws over $10M at former closers to be in a setup role without batting an eye. Not sure how you think he has “(un)worked” anything… If anything his performance has guaranteed the offer so that the team can hedge their bet somewhat whether he stays or goes.

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