Dodgers Promote Joc Pederson

The Dodgers have promoted top prospect Joc Pederson, Ryan Walton of Valley Bay News tweets. Pederson still needs to be added to their 40-man roster.

USATSI_7782593_154513410_lowresPederson is in the midst of an offensive season that’s brilliant even in the desert air of Triple-A Albuquerque, hitting .303/.435/.582 in 553 plate appearances. currently ranks Pederson the No. 18 prospect in baseball, praising his power (he has 33 home runs so far this season) and plate discipline, but noting that he needs to work on hitting left-handers. Before the season, Baseball America ranked Pederson at No. 34, and ESPN’s Keith Law had him at No. 41.

BA’s Prospect Handbook 2014 ranked Pederson the No. 1 prospect in the Dodgers system, noting that he receives comparisons to players like Curtis Granderson and Jim Edmonds. The Granderson comparison might be apt — Pederson is a lefty hitter who draws plenty of walks and also strikes out a lot, with 149 whiffs so far this year at Triple-A. Whether Pederson will be able to overcome those minor league strikeouts as smoothly as Granderson did remains to be seen, but he’s still an exciting talent with strong tools across the board. He can play all three outfield positions, and he mostly played center with Albuquerque.

Where Pederson will fit with the Dodgers right now is unclear, however. The Dodgers have a number of outfielders who are either performing well (Yasiel Puig, Scott Van Slyke) or very expensive (Carl Crawford, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier), and they’ll need to sort through them in order to find playing time for Pederson.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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  1. BruceP 11 months ago

    About time they promote him

  2. JasonGrabowski 11 months ago

    hallelujah! joc-puig-kemp lets see it Donny.

    • stl_cards16 11 months ago

      He won’t be eligible for the post-season so I doubt they’re planning to use him as any more than a 4th or 5th OF. It’s definitely a good thing to get his feet wet this September.

      • JasonGrabowski 11 months ago

        True, I just want to see him get some burn. crawfords been playing better as of late anyways so we’ll see how much/if any playing time joc gets especially with the giants pulling closer. Congrats on the cardinals for gaining sole position of 1st today.

        • stl_cards16 11 months ago

          Ha thanks. Hopefully we’ll have another great playoff series.

      • silverwidow 11 months ago

        Joc *will* be eligible for the postseason. There’s frequent confusion about these rules, but a player just needs to be in the organization by 8/31. If the Dodgers want to use Pederson in the playoffs, he’ll be an injury replacement for one of their DL guys.

        • stl_cards16 11 months ago

          I thought anyone had to be on the 40 man roster prior to September 1st. I could be wrong.

          • silverwidow 11 months ago

            Only if the player is acquired by trade. Minor league guys who have been with the organization all year are always playoff eligible (as a DL replacement).

  3. East Coast Bias 11 months ago

    Do you think he will get regular playing time? He’s coming up as the 6th OF…

  4. Puig Power 11 months ago

    Also had 30 steals.

  5. ken 11 months ago

    What about Guerrero?

  6. Cam Hodgson-Dwyer 11 months ago

    He’s working out the lefty problems, thankfully. In fact, his OPS against lefties (1.020) is higher than against righties (1.015) this season.

  7. ASA_98C 11 months ago

    Great work Stu (Dad) & Joc. All that work has paid off. Congrats from the Anc.
    Glacier Pilots.

  8. Sam 11 months ago

    So excited! Even though its very unlikely, there is a possibility that he could develop to a 5 Tool Hitter.

  9. koufaxblue 11 months ago

    Joc was put on the 40 man roster is he able to be in the playoffs? Somebody have the answer!!

    • meep 11 months ago

      i dont know but i doubt they keep him on the playoff roster if he was. they have him up to get a taste of playing with the dodgers. unless a OF get injury i doubt he will be anymore then a call up for the last month

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