Odds and Ends

Let’s round up some of the more minor pieces of news that didn’t quite seem to merit their own posts (not that the Victor Zambrano signing was huge or anything).

Scott Boras is a genius.  You just can’t deny it.  That he somehow got Jeff Weaver the same deal he got in the previous offseason after his terrible 2006 was masterful.  Looks like this one will leave a bad taste in the Cards’ mouth for Boras clients.

The Bonds clause…it’s more for show than anything.  He’ll still get his money if indicted.  He may have all the money in the world, but there’s one thing he can’t buy.  A dinosaur.

The White Sox signed Junior Spivey yesterday for a possible backup infield job.  Spivey was really, really bad in Triple A last year.

As reported yesterday, Tom Glavine is 50/50 for 2008.  He has a $9MM player option for ’08 with a $3MM buyout attached.  It becomes guaranteed with 160 innings pitched in 2007, and he’ll get an additional million bucks in ’08 for every ten innings pitched beyond 160 in 2007.  He can decline the option if it becomes guaranteed, and he has a complete no-trade clause. 

SethSpeaks.net recently interviewed the best scouting director in baseball. Check it out.

Lastly, RotoAuthority has One Player To Avoid for fantasy baseball.  Who is the one player you’d avoid?

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