Graziano On Pettitte

I recently asked Yankees Rumor Royalty winner Dan Graziano about free agent Andy Pettitte.  Graziano covers the Yankees for the Newark Star-Ledger.

MLBTR: What’s your best guess on Andy Pettitte‘s decision for 2008?

Dan Graziano: Among the players I’ve ever covered, if there’s one who might leave a guaranteed $16 million on the table in exchange for early retirement and an increase in time at home with his family, it’s Andy Pettitte. However, I don’t believe there is such a player. My gut says Andy will agonize for a while — maybe even long enough to scare the Yankees into adding another year or an option to the deal — and then come back and play for the Yankees for  $16 million in 2008. But that’s a guess. Which is all I have, and all you asked for.

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