A’s Rumors: Jenkins, Haren, Swisher

Susan Slusser and Rick Hurd check in with the latest on Billy Beane and the A’s.

  • Hurd indicates that the A’s might have some interest in free agent Geoff Jenkins.  It’s a sign that the A’s might be playing for 2008, after all.  Slusser wonders whether Barry Bonds rumors are next to surface, if that’s the case.
  • The D’Backs put together a five-player offer for Dan Haren, including Carlos Gonzalez and Brett Anderson.  Slusser says there’s a "slim chance" of a deal.  Likewise the Dodgers are not close to anything on Joe Blanton.
  • While the Cubs have liked Nick Swisher for some time, they’ve never impressed the A’s with an offer.
  • Beane had some talks yesterday with Huston Street‘s agent about a long-term pact.
  • The best quotes of the day yesterday came from Beane in reference to our debacle of a three-way trade rumor.  Beane labeled it the "all-time most ridiculous" trade rumor and "laughable."  It sounds like it almost knocked Beane off his exercise bike.

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