O’Brien’s Latest: Vizcaino, Wang

Newsday’s Kat O’Brien checks in with a couple of new Yankees tidbits not related to Johan.

  • O’Brien spoke to the man himself, Bean Stringfellow. Bean says Luis Vizcaino is looking for Linebrink money.  So, the fact that he "likes New York" isn’t going to matter much.  The Yanks may pass, but the Viz is talking to the Mets, White Sox, Royals, and Dodgers.  If the Viz returned to the White Sox at 4/19…that would be just wrong.
  • Chien-Ming Wang‘s agent, Alan Nero, wanted to talk to the Yankees about a long-term deal for him.  The discussion ended when the Yankees requested that Nero make the first move. 
  • That reminds me of when Homer Simpson went to Mr. Burns’ mansion in possession of Burns’ childhood teddy bear, repeating to himself that he will reject Burns’ first offer no matter what.  Burns: May I offer you a drink?  Homer: Sorry Burns, no deal. [takes the bear and leaves].

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