Perrotto’s Latest: Giles, Crisp, Wells

John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus has some hot stove tidbits to consider in his Sunday column.

  • Perrotto notes that Jeff Baker‘s success this spring for the Rockies could lead to a trade of Marcus Giles.  Baker is hitting .316/.350/.579 in a 19 AB sample.  Giles is at .385/.500/.615 in 13 ABs (yes, it seems silly to be talking about these stats).  Giles hasn’t hit much since ’05, so I doubt he’d bring anything in return.
  • Perrotto says the Padres are "considering trying to trade for Coco Crisp."  However, Tom Krasovic wrote on Friday that the Padres pursuing Crisp was doubtful for many reasons.  Who knows; at the least, Theo Epstein and Kevin Towers get along.
  • David Wells is still kicking around wanting to play, and could have to wait and serve as a midseason reinforcement.

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