The Bonds Situation

This is one topic that’s been hashed and rehashed about a million times.  Oh well; let’s talk Barry Bonds once again.

SI’s Tom Verducci analyzes the situation and determines that the Blue Jays make the most sense.  J.P. Ricciardi indicated a lack of interest to Verducci, though.

The fact remains that no team has offered Bonds even the league minimum.  I am often asked whether I think he will play this year, and I keep saying yes.  Here are the objections, and my answers to them:

  • "Bonds will be too expensive."  We can’t say that until a team actually makes him an offer.  He could very well play for a million bucks.
  • "Bonds can only DH."  Given certain NL left fielders, that is quite arguable.  But even so, some contenders have obviously worse DHs.
  • " Bonds used steroids, he’s a cheater."  Gary Bennett, Mike Cameron, Brendan Donnelly, Eric Gagne, Jose Guillen, Jerry Hairston Jr., Matt Herges, Paul Lo Duca, Andy Pettitte, Nook Logan, and Ron Villone allegedly cheated; they were all signed as free agents.  Teams and fans don’t care about this as long as it improves the chances of winning.
  • "Bonds will destroy the clubhouse chemistry."  Does one man really have this power?  I imagine Bonds would be on his best behavior knowing that he was hanging by a thread and could easily be released.  I think this angle is overblown by the media.
  • I’m not a Bonds apologist; I am just explaining why I think a team should/will sign him.  It’s of no concern to me whether he plays.

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