Nationals Close To Signing Cristian Guzman?

FRIDAY, 12:43pm: Ken Rosenthal says the Nats "reportedly are close to signing" Guzman to a two-year extension.

Here’s the thing though – usually when a journalist says "reportedly" he or she means that the info comes from someone else’s published report.  So maybe Rosenthal is just reading into the below article about the Nats’ offer.  Or, maybe he has his own source saying an agreement is close. I’m not sure.

WEDNESDAY, 7:28pm: According to’s Bill Ladson, the Nationals have offered shortstop Cristian Guzman a two-year extension.  This comes as a surprise, as the two sides were expected to wait until after the season.  Guzman, 30, is hitting .312/.334/.433 in 351 plate appearances.

Ladson once suggested Guzman might cut the Nationals a break since he was injured for much of his current four-year deal.  Ladson says Guzman’s camp was not insulted by the team’s two-year offer.

There are only a handful of respectable shortstops in the next free agent classOrlando Cabrera and Rafael Furcal are the main two.

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