Manny Ramirez Rumors: Tuesday

9:55pm: Jayson Stark attempts to douse the Manny flames, getting denials (again) from the Dodgers and Phillies.

8:39pm: Ken Davidoff says the Teixeira deal makes a Manny trade more difficult, since that’s one less option for Boston to replace Ramirez’s bat.  The Red Sox will keep trying nonetheless.

6:52pm: Jon Heyman says the Phillies might be the frontrunner for Manny.  Ramirez will want his $20MM options eliminated upon a trade.

The Dodgers are also involved, with the Marlins surfacing as a longshot.

3:07pm: Ken Rosenthal says the Dodgers are not pursuing Ramirez or Teixeira.  So, conflicting reports again.  The Dodgers are also not interested in Adam Everett and unlikely to acquire Jack Wilson.

Joe Christensen agrees that Everett isn’t happening, and notes that the Dodgers once had Ronny Cedeno on their list.

2:36pm: Joel Sherman of the New York Post has the Dodgers in the lead for Manny.  The Red Sox would eat most or all of the $7MM remaining on Ramirez’s deal, and then receive a player like Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier.  Such a deal would enable the Sox to enter the Mark Teixeira bidding.

Sherman also talked to one NL exec who believes the Dodgers might instead acquire Brian Roberts, pushing Jeff Kent into a utility role and leaving the shortstop problem unresolved.

1:05pm: Looks like Manny’s going to need his own post, after all.  Earlier today, Dan Graziano said the Mets are still in on Ramirez despite the denials.  Now’s Jon Heyman adds that the Dodgers are showing interest.  The talks are still in their infancy, and keep in mind that the Dodgers do not want to add payroll.

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