Dodgers’ Offer To Manny: Two Years, $45 Million

According to’s Jon Heyman, the Dodgers’ offer to Manny Ramirez is for about two years, $45MM.  Ned Colletti was able to say this is a higher average annual value than Johan Santana because of deferred money in Johan’s deal

Heyman says Manny is thinking seriously about other options now, because the Dodgers’ offer is so far below his range.  Scott Boras is still talking about six years.  Heyman’s source believes "fan response" could push the Dodgers to three years, though they may already be willing to up the salary a bit.  The offer is apparently a backloaded deal with a third-year option.

Heyman likes the Blue Jays, Orioles, and Yankees as other suitors, though the Orioles are already pretty much out and Manny is not a priority for the Yanks.

Tons of Scott Boras quotes on the Manny topic, here and here.

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