Cafardo’s Latest: Quota, Saito, Mulder

The column is from Sunday, but we missed a lot of good stuff from Nick Cafardo’s latest.

  • Finally an answer!  Cafardo learned that teams can sign as many as nine Type A or B free agents this year.  So to all those who emailed: yes, the Yankees can technically sign Manny Ramirez.  I tried to decipher the quota section of the Basic Agreement in October, but didn’t come up with nine.
  • At some point this winter, the Red Sox made an offer to Takashi Saito.
  • Cafardo says Boston does not have interest in Michael Young.
  • The Brewers and A’s "are big on" Mark Mulder.  The Red Sox will also watch him throw this month.
  • Luis Gonzalez is likely to sign somewhere as a fourth outfielder.

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