Heyman On Strasburg, Rockies, Holliday

Jon Heyman of SI.com says Stephen Strasburg stands to make about $15-30MM from the Nationals. Here are the details:

  • The Nationals would receive the second pick in next year's draft if they fail to sign Strasburg, but this would not be an acceptable consolation prize for the team. First, Strasburg is a unique talent. Secondly, the Nats can't afford to keep pushing back their future.
  • Strasburg could sit out an entire year as J.D. Drew and Luke Hochevar did, but he'll receive an offer considerably larger than either of those two players, which could be hard to reject.
  • Heyman doesn't think it's likely that Strasburg would go to Japan if he fails to sign.

Here are the rest of Heyman's rumors:

  • Mark Shapiro isn't ready to sell his players, but he has many trade candidates if he decides this isn't the Indians' year. Kerry Wood would be a tough sell given his slow start and the $15MM plus remaining on his contract this year and next.
  • Chad Qualls and Tony Pena could become available, but one NL GM doubts Pena hits the market this year.  
  • Huston Street and Jose Valverde could also become available.  
  • Street, Jason Marquis and Ryan Spilborghs would be the easiest Rockies to deal.
  • Yorvit Torrealba is available. 
  • Some Yankees people love Mark DeRosa, but the team has no room for him.  
  • Executives still expect Billy Beane to deal Matt Holliday 

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