Odds & Ends: Gomes, Coffey, Nolasco, Vazquez

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  1. Ricky 6 years ago

    One schneider out One Snyder in … oh boy. P.S. I see Pedro in my Mets future – ughhhh..

  2. Darren 6 years ago

    Daniel Cabrera could be a huge addition if Don Cooper can get him to throw strikes! The guy has absolutely NASTY stuff!

    • fisk72
      fisk72 6 years ago

      Same thing was said of Mike MacDougal several years ago. Copp can only do so much.

    • R_y_a_n 6 years ago

      That “nasty stuff” really isn’t nasty anymore.

  3. ryansiciliano 6 years ago

    God, I cannot stand Luke Scott. What gives him this feeling of entitlement when the team had 3 better defensive outfielders last year?

    • HansonAce 6 years ago

      It all about Luke trying to add value that he can be a everyday positional player so when he hits the FA market he will be getting offers as OFer rather than a simple Dime a Dozen DH….All about the MONEY!!

      • ryansiciliano 6 years ago

        Further, he said two or three times in that interview “I’m a team player.”

        Luke: you’re not a team player if you have to tell people you are.

        • ugen64 6 years ago

          As an Orioles fan, I don’t have any problem with him saying that. A player that is trying to maximize his value is a player who is motivated to try his best. There was another recent interview with Terry Crowley, the hitting coach, who mentioned that Scott’s prolonged slumps happen because he presses too hard – again, I’d rather have a player who slumps because he’s trying *too hard* as opposed to because he’s out of shape or lazy.

          In a perfect world – sure, every player would be 100% motivated, do everything 100% for the team, not worry at all about personal stats, etc. But this isn’t a perfect world. I’d rather have a motivated but kind of annoyed player, rather than an unmotivated player who always gives nice soundbites in his interviews.

          • ryansiciliano 6 years ago

            I agree with most of what you said. But if he has any issues, they should be handled internally with his manager and GM, rather than through the media. The correct, professional course of action is to say, “I’m happy to do anything to help the team,” during interviews, but then tell his manager behind closed doors that he’d like to play the field more often.

            Bickering through the media solves nothing.

  4. What a wierd thing for Javier to say! If I were a Yankees fan, I’d be a bit alarmed by this. It sounds like he is almost setting himself up for failure saying that if his stuff is not there, perhaps it will only be 1 more year he will pitch… I wonder if he is not 100% and he knows it. To be honest, not because I think he will be good in NY this time around, but more because I thought he would continue his NL dominance that started last year, but I wondered why the Braves would accept a mediocre, even subpar outfielder in Melky Cabrera for an elite NL pitcher. It didn’t make sense, especially with how much it brings down the rotation, but it would if the Braves knew something that the Yankees didn’t…

    I’d be alarmed if I were a Yanks fan, and I sure as hell would want an explanation of these comments by Vazquez, from Vazquez.

    • Darren 6 years ago

      Vazquez and pressure have never seemed to go well together. His last stint in the Bronx was a nightmare, don’t expect this one to be any different.

      • I tend to agree with you… But still, if I’m Cashman, I’d be up Vazquez’s behind about these comments trying to figure out where they came from and why he would publicly say things like that knowing the atmosphere of NY and how fast things get blown up

    • fz18610 6 years ago

      Are you serious? I hope you are being sarcastic because in no way did he say he doesn’t believe in himself or that he doesn’t THINK he can pitch until he’s 40. What’s so bad about someone being realistic. Excuse him for not being delusional and say that he can pitch until he dies. Most pitchers stuff gets weak by age 40. Some are just too stubborn to accept it and retire.

    • JerseyJohn32190 6 years ago

      Pretty sure the deal was centered around Vizcaino, not Melky. It was essentially them selling high on Vazquez’s career year and dumping some salary. As a Yankee fan, the comments don’t really bother me. We know what he is and as long as you’re not expecting him to come close to his ’09 numbers you won’t be disappointed.

      • But that’s the whole point. For Vizcaino and Cabrera (gauging the yanks reluctance to make other deals) the Yanks ARE expecting closer to a 3.20 ERA and 200+ k’s. That’s why I say, these comments concern me. If he puts up a 4+, you can’t be happy…

        • fz18610 6 years ago

          I’m expecting an era around 4.00. Yankees probably expect the same. You have to be an extremely optimistic person to expect 3.20 era. Yankees are more realistic than to expect a 3.20 era from an NL pitcher who had a career year. It’s not impossible but highly unlikely.

        • JerseyJohn32190 6 years ago

          They’re expecting him to be a 4th starter. I would be very happy with a 4.25 ERA and 180 K’s. His last stint in the Bronx was only viewed as terrible because of his second half, which I’ve heard was effected by an injury he didn’t tell the tam about (not sure if that’s true though). If he even comes close to his 1st half 2004 numbers, I’ll definitely be satisfied.

          • A 4th starter in a division that contains the Boston Red Sox however… That 4th starter should be able to match up against Matsuzaka, who so long as he’s healthy should post about a 3.50 with about 150+k’s… Beckett/Sabathia match up well. Lester absolutely destroys Burnett. Lets face it, Lackey at his age is better than Pettite at his age, even though I like Pettite, doesn’t change the fact. Matsuzaka/Vazquez need to match up well then because Buchholz/Wakefield is considerably better than Gaudin/Mitre… Pitchers need to match each other well in order to have a chance in the playoffs, especially top 4. I would not like my chances as the Yanks in the playoffs vs the Sox, while I do think the Yanks have a very good shot at the division this year, because their offense will run over weaker pitching staffs, which is just about every one in baseball besides Boston and maybe San Fransisco and St. Louis… but both of them you wouldn’t have to sweat until the World Series.

            I’m just looking at the matchups… and I’d put my money on the Sox this year if it came down to Sox/Yanks ALCS. Once again, there are about 5 other contending AL teams (Mariners, Angels, Twins, Tigers, Rays)… so this is far from a “sure thing” matchup and sure the Mariners are a strong club that could put up a fight now in the playoffs, but I just don’t see anyone that can keep up with the Sox pitching barring injuries to Beckett/Matsuzaka.

          • ams223 6 years ago

            Buchholz/Wakefield vs Gaudin/Mitre??? REALLY? Maybe you forgot about Joba/Hughes….

            Also, the Yankees offense is better than the Red Sox’s offense which tips the balance for the Yankees.

          • bombsawaybeckettftl 6 years ago

            You really are a little delusional if you think that Dice-BB “should post about a 3.50 and 150+k’s” Dice-BB has had a 4+ FIP every year in MLB. What makes you think he is going to post a 3.50 ERA? His fluke 2008? Or is it that magic Red Sox uniform? Also, it is laughable to say that Beckett and Sabathia is a good match up. Lester and Sabathia is a good match up. Beckett and his 4+ ERA over the last four years is not a good match up vs Sabathia.

          • JerseyJohn32190 6 years ago

            You shouldn’t be expecting the Yankees to try and put together a rotation as good as Boston’s. Vazquez as a 4th starter still puts their rotation in the top 5 in the AL IMO, and that’s all they could ask for with that offense. Also, the only way Gaudin or Mitre are in the rotation is if the Yankees see some significant injuries.

          • R_y_a_n 6 years ago

            Uh, wow, this is you reading into it this much. If Beckett said “I don’t know how many more years I want to pitch – definitely not until I’m 40.” What would you say? It could mean he is happy with his career and doesn’t want to take much more time away from family and friends, etc.

            Btw, the deal was centered around Vizcaino as the other poster said, a very solid pitching prospect. The Braves made that deal because they wanted to cut salary, get a nice prospect in Viz, and get a solid outfielder. Not because they though Vasquez was going to blow up this season.

            Also, the Yankees rotation is CC/Burnett/Pettitte/Vasquez/Hughes or Joba – comparing each “starter slot” to the other team’s is an illogical way of determining who has the better rotation. Let’s see Wake/Matsuzaka stay healthy and Buchholz do it for a full season.

            I’m usually very respectful of the Red Sox and their players, but you’re being delusional.

          • Did you miss the 1, 2, 3 more years part? Did you forget all this guys injuries? Do you not think that statement lacks confidence?

          • And becketts contract is done this year. I’m not for a 5 year deal for beckett. 3 with an option due to his injuries. Otherwise, we go after someone more durable. Lackeys the insurance package in case we can’t.

          • And to answer everything, No. Joba and hughes should both return to the pen. Joba’s ineffective in the starting role because his secondary stuff is not good enough when he can’t throw his fastball at 97-100 and he throws it at 92. He also misses his spots regularly. Scouts don’t think he will ever come around as a starter.

            Vizcaino is good. I watched him quite a bit in Staten Island. But Vazquez is not all that expensive. The Braves have 1 very good starter now, Jurrjens… That’s it. They still needed vazquez considering they should still be an effective team in the NL East. Lowe is still there. Salary dumping is silly when it turns you from a contender into a team that will struggle. They could have paid a few mil and dump Lowe to someone else saving more money, and maintaining a good 1-2 punch.

            I’m not arguing what they did, I’m just saying it was dumb if they felt he was going to have a good year. And this statement is a scary one if you are a Yankees fan.

          • R_y_a_n 6 years ago

            How can you seriously say that when you saw even Buchholz and Lester struggle so early in their careers as well? Is that how it is, he is on your least favorite team so you automatically assume that his one-bad half of pitching as a starter elminates his chances of being a good starter on the future? (Sorry, I know that is a bit of a run on :P) I hate this debate – few starters are going to come in and dominate in their first full season of starting.

            Vazquez IS expensive to the Braves. He’s making $11.5MM this season – the Braves had very little money to spend on a bat before the dealt away Vasquez. After the dealt him, the Braves were able to add some much needed bats to the lineup. Braves management thinks that without Vasquez (and the progression of Hanson, return of Hudson and hopeful improvement of Lowe) they can still be one of the better rotations in the NL. Along with getting Vizcaino, Melky and Dunn, this deal made a lot of sense for both teams.

            I am a Yankee fan and not scared by the statement at all. Vasquez, like I said, probably just wants to spend time with his family. I really doubt he said this because he is afraid that he can’t perform anymore. Maybe he doesn’t want to spend the whole part of his life playing baseball. This comment won’t effect his performance this season, he’s still going to want to win and pitch well.

          • Buchholz showed what he’s capable of first of all. Second they are all about 25… All 4 of them. They are all at the same stage. If anything, lester is behind all of them because he missed a full year with cancer and then recovery.

            Has nothing to do with preference. Buchholz had a strong year and finished VERY strong. It may not be Jobas fault. The yanks messed with him too much. Controlled pitch counts, innings, the joba rules, and now he hasn’t been the same.

            Lester should have had 20 wins last year, but the sox gave him no run support. He had like 10-12 no decisions if I remember correct… With 15 wins. He’s a cy young candidate, there is no comparison between lester and hughes. Not to mention lesters one of few good power lefties.

          • R_y_a_n 6 years ago

            I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Although, I do agree with you on Lester – flat out stud.

          • Always fair enough. Not expecting to change your opinion on your young guys. They have the talent to do good things, no doubt. Its just a matter of getting them fine tuned and letting go of them. These guys are in their mid 20s. Its time to let them go and see what they got. Glad the Sox finally got that last year with Buchholz.

          • JerseyJohn32190 6 years ago

            Age is not the only factor in a players development. Joba has only made 58 professional starts (15 in the minors) and thrown only 370 professional innings (88.1 in the minors). Lester, by comparison, has made 189 professional starts (98 in the minors) and pitched over 1000 innings (483.2 in the minors). Buchholz has made 123 professional starts (89 in the minors) and thrown 634 innings (443.1 at the minors). The popular theory is that Joba was rushed and that he really hasn’t learned how to pitch yet, which is quite obvious when you watch him. Despite the similarities in ages, they are not even close to the same level of development.

          • DiceK is too incredible of a pitcher to not recover. He’s not rly injury prone, he just worked too hard prepping for the WBC. 3 sox went, 3 came back injured… Its the dumbest thing ever… Well second dumbest to the probowl being before the superbowl so that half the players won’t play…

          • B_L_LFTW, you’re really looking at this through your Boston rose colored glasses. You think the Sox would win against the Yankees in the playoffs (which neither team has made yet, the season hasn’t even started btw) because their rotation is better on paper? You forgot to mention the offenses and the two Yankee wild-cards, Joba and Hughes. You’re also counting Dice-K as being better than Vasquez even though he was much worse in 2009 and is an injury risk. Frankly I’d be more comfortable with Vasquez than Dice at this point. You also say Beckett and Sabathia match up well, but they don’t. Beckett is good but he’s not Sabathia good. Frankly the only pitchers in Boston’s rotation I’d rather have are their two and three, Lester and Lackey (though Lackey is an injury risk as well), rather than Burnett and Pettitte.

            I’m a Cub fan. I could come up with any number of crazy scenarios where the Cubs are better than the Cardinals, rotation, offense, position by position etc… That doesn’t mean it would be true, it just means that I’d be giving my biased opinion as a fan of the Cubs. Which is what exactly you’ve done here.

          • I’m from New York. And did you completely forget they have 3 MAJOR flaws.
            1. 3 .260 hitting outfielders or worse

            2. A catcher who’s catching days are pretty much over. Cervelli will be the starting catcher quite a bit.

            3. Getting old. Even Arod is 35.

            The sox are first coming into their own. By my prediction, we should still hit about 170 homers, have great defense and I don’t think too many people will be having big games against us. As many writers have already said, hitting shows up on and off and tends to be streaky. Defense and pitching are far more consistant. I think your offense will win you the division. But if we get the wild card, yes I like our chances in the playoffs. Our worst OPS guys should be Scutaro and Beltre around .740-775 and .775-.820 respectively. That’s pretty damn good. No other team in baseball besides last years yankees has put up a lineup like this. The offense will be beyond fine, probably top 5 AL

          • markjsunz 6 years ago

            Good luck with that one, Boston will struggle to beat out Tampa next year.

          • I’m just shocked when people say things like that.

            Ortiz is going to continue like he did second half of last year, he had no spring training. Beltre had one reallllly off year in a pull hitters hell and had solid road numbers, yet everyone seems to think those numbers won’t translate differently at Fenway. All those fly balls are going to be homers and doubles. Cameron should see a nice offensive resurgence with more men on base ahead of him and once again, a park made for his swing. Scutaro, if he puts up .260/.350/.420 its still an upgrade over the position last year. Add pedroia, Youk, martinez…

            The Yanks are the only comparable lineup, and there’s no better pitching staff. We have a guy who almost won a Cy Young 2 years ago as our number 4… There is no argument to support the other side…

            Lastly do the math.
            Youkilis 95 rbis
            Pedroia 65 rbis
            Ellsbury 45 rbis
            Beltre 70 rbis
            Cameron 70 rbis
            Ortiz 90 rbis
            Martinez 95 rbis
            Drew 65 rbis
            Scutaro 60 rbis

            That’s a very lowball projection IMO, and still translates into 655 rbis (its early math could be slightly off) just from the starting lineup? Add another 75-80 from our bench plus unearned runs and runs that come in on double plays, and that translates into around 800 runs scored by this team. I’d be interested to see who else projects near that high besides NY, who has the same problem this year, as we had last year. Too many holes in the lineup, with Gardner, Swisher, Cervelli when they realize Posada shouldn’t be catching anymore.

          • markjsunz 6 years ago

            . The yankees are the one to beat in the Al East. There are several teams that will compete for the wild card. The AL west is much improved, and Tampa has improved there bullpen. Tampas status will be determined by there core of young pitching but they are at least as good as boston coming into the season in my opinion. Losing Bay lost a lot of RBI power, and Ortiz is in decline now that he is tested for steroids. Dicek had a season ending injury. You will see in spring training if he still is an effective Major Leaguer anymore. Boston will be in the hunt with other teams for the wild card but not the favorite.

    • Stop the drama and over reaction.

      • Lol when someone says they are not sure what they got left, it should set off some alarms… Hardly overreacting.

  5. Agreed. Cooper is just about the ideal pitching coach for a never-quite-was like Cabrera.

  6. Grab some pine, meat. 6 years ago

    Why wouldn’t Thome be a fit for the O’s? I feel like if they left Atkins at 3rd and started Scott at first if he wants to play def so bad, Thome could assume the DH role and give them pop.

    I just started following the O’s this year as my AL team (I am a Giant’s fan first and every year I follow a different AL team for fun) and I don’t wanna sound like a naive pipe-dreamer, is this something they might consider? Who else besides Tejada might be reasonable?

    • ugen64 6 years ago

      The O’s don’t like Scott at 1B. They have said multiple times (whether you believe them is another story) that the only way they sign a full-time DH is if Scott is traded.

      Right now, Thome isn’t a great fit. All of the reporters think that if we sign someone, it will be either Hank Blalock or Joe Crede, more likely Crede because the O’s would prefer to have Atkins playing 1B due to his relatively poor defense at 3rd. But if some team offers, I dunno, a B-rated shortstop prospect and one or two extras for Scott, we’d have to strongly consider it.

      • Grab some pine, meat. 6 years ago

        I wanted Crede for the Giants pre 2008. I like the guy but injuries will stop him from starting more than 110+ games, I bet. Unless he somehow bounces back.

  7. m26 6 years ago

    Looks like the Marlins are keeping their promise that they would spend once the new stadium came about.

  8. slole1 6 years ago

    Cubs are making a move to counter some of the LH pitching. Doug Davis, Randy Wolf, Wandy Rodriguez, Zach Duke, among others in the NL Central… Gomes seems to handle the lefties well.

    • hoostinohambone 6 years ago

      Yo slole1…I just read the Wittenmeyer article and I have to say, I like Gomes’ spunk. I was hoping for Nady, but I think I’d take a chance on Mr. Gomes…he’s younger than Dye and healthier than Nady…

      I like your point about the lefties in the NL Central…take care…peaceyo, Justin

      • hoostinohambone, agreed, I like what Gomes had to say as well. He really seems to want to be a Cub (as opposed to the outfielder they signed last year…), that’s the kind of guy you want. Doesn’t sound like money is going to be a problem for him either. Can’t put it past Hendry to do something dumb like pass up Gomes for a potentially washed up Dye but after reading the article I’m guessing Gomes becomes a Cub, probably sooner rather than later if Hendry isn’t hamstrung by arb cases.

  9. Nice to see the Cubs looking in on Gomes. He may be right handed but if he replicates his 2009 he’d be a great asset. With the news that they’re after Calero too it seems that Jim Hendry finally has his head on straight. I’d expect them to get their arb cases taken care of before they more on anyone else so they’ll know how much they’ll have to spend but at least they’re letting Gomes and Calero know they’re interested, probably so they won’t sign with anyone else without checking back with the Cubs first. Glad that the Contreras rumor died, that didn’t make any sense whatsoever. Rather see Gomes in Chicago than Dye, not much upside left with Dye and Gomes is younger and still has some upside. If they get Calero, Gomes and somehow fit Sheets in as well I’d feel much more comfortable about their chances in the Central next year.

    • firealyellon 6 years ago

      Like Dye, he’s a putrid defender and thus a poor option for any NL club.

  10. BlueCatuli 6 years ago

    Anyone else think Gomes’ numbers are a tad inflated due to Dusty playing the match ups in a hitters park? I like that he is willing to play a limited role. Perhaps Lou can get the same type of success out of him. Save some cash with Gomes and spend a little extra on Sheets. Everyone said Peavy would have just been a luxury, well after watching the carousel of DL stints through the pitching staff last year, it would have been nice to have a luxury (I know Peavy was hurt).

  11. egarym 6 years ago

    Gomes could be the next Jake Fox.

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