Odds & Ends: Nationals, Lilly, Haren, Marlins, Kotsay

Sunday night linkage..

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  1. East Coast Bias 5 years ago

    Save the cheerleader. (from Japan?)

    10 bonus points to anyone who gets the reference.

  2. IndianaBob 5 years ago

    If the Braves could have gotten Reid Brignac plus a decent prospect for Yunel Escobar, I would have like that package over what they got from the Blue Jays (SS Alex Gonzalez, LHP Tim Collins and INF Tyler Pastronicky).

  3. Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

    I think the Jays will like Escobar if ke can keep doing what he has in this series against the Orioles. A couple bunts [one for a hit], a walk or two, and a grand slam today. Thanks Braves.. oh Escobar just got another hit. Oh noes..

    • Sniderlover 5 years ago

      Yeah, Escobar is already becoming one of my favourites.

      Oh and don’t forget his stellar defense.

      • I’m a huge Braves fans, and it seems most Braves fans act jealous that Escobar is off to a good start lol. I hope he keeps it up, after watching the game today it’s nice seeing the team embrace him and he seems to have responded well with his teammates.

  4. Ian_Smell 5 years ago

    Joey Bats rules! I wish the Pirates would have kept him though.

  5. Sniderlover 5 years ago

    Escobar is 3-3 for today with 1 HR (GS) and 5 RBI – not bad.

  6. unbiasedhomer 5 years ago

    No offense, Jays fans, but can you let him hit against someone other than Baltimore before he’s the next Tony Fernandez?


  7. ukJaysfan 5 years ago

    I don’t think anyone is annointing Escobar as the next big thing, just pointing out he’s off to a good start. Considering the reports about his play coming out of Atlanta, Toronto fans were probably just a little concerned about which version of Escobar they were getting.

    • jyd 5 years ago

      “reports about his play”? or reports about his attitude?

      • ukJaysfan 5 years ago

        I suppose ‘attitude’ is more accurate, but it still spills over into his ‘play’. 6 of one, half dozen of another.

  8. Soxman17 5 years ago

    Oswalt wants to claim the Astros wins lead before a trade. Guess after his World Series performance, this is the best he can do. OK, Roy. Good luck with that.

  9. Seems easy to scout Adam Dunn… Strikeout, Homer, or Walk take your pick!

    • While I tend to agree with you, my guess is that the scout is more concerned with the pitcher on the mound in relation to what Dunn does. And in fairness teams outside the White Sox and Yankees should scout his defense which is vastly improved.

  10. firealyellon 5 years ago

    Mark Kotsay: You are not a Major League starter.

  11. verlander 5 years ago

    //Detroit, which also is looking at Oakland’s Ben Sheets and others, appeared to be the only club with a scout dispatched solely to bird-dog Haren.//
    From Miller’s piece.

    So I guess we still have scouts looking at Haren then. Good to know.

  12. Ted Lilly and Kosuke Fukudome for a prospect that’s the Lilly part and the video of George Steinbrenner and whats his faces arguement at the conference that’s more than enough for Fuk-U-Do-Me

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