Managerial Notes: Scioscia, Valentine, Francona

Brad Mills became the first MLB manager to lose his job this year when the Astros dismissed him over the weekend. More teams could make managerial changes in the coming months, so let’s check in on the latest rumors…

  • Angels owner Arte Moreno told Alden Gonzalez of that he’s not contemplating a managerial change. “I signed Mike [Scioscia] long-term, and I'm invested in Mike long-term,” Moreno said. “We try not to make impulsive decisions,” he added. Scioscia is under contract through 2018, but he can opt out after the 2015 campaign.
  • Bob Nightengale of USA Today suggests Scioscia would be the perfect replacement in Boston if the Red Sox dismiss Bobby Valentine. And Scioscia’s job security “suddenly seems tenuous” given the Angels’ recent struggles, Nightengale writes. "It's been a tough time for all of us," Angels GM Jerry Dipoto said.
  • Former MLB manager Terry Francona wouldn’t rule out managing again. "If something down the road presents itself and it's the right job, I'd like to do it," said Francona, who’s now an analyst with ESPN. "But I don't want to manage just to manage." Francona told Nightengale he’d be "shocked as hell" if Scioscia is fired.

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  1. Scioscia isn’t going anywhere.

    • BobOfArslan 3 years ago

      Big Mike will end up in Dodger blue. Why do you think the Dodgers organization signed Mickey Hatcher???? He’s going to push papers and pave the way for Big Mike’s return to Chavez Ravine. Then he will wipe the marinara sauce off of Big Mike’s chin, just like the “good old days”.

  2. MadmanTX 3 years ago

    Scioscia would be a reasonable replacement in Boston. He’s got an even bigger ego than Bobby V, but he refrains from calling out his players to the media.

  3. Devern Hansack 3 years ago

    I honestly hope that the Red Sox can poach Sal Fasano from the Jays organization. It’d be good to bring a young, tough, professional outsider to Boston.

  4. Samuel Ennis 3 years ago

    Bring Francona back to Boston!!

    • Ben Graver 3 years ago

      And he would want to take that job because .. ?

  5. Robert Eichhorn 3 years ago

    Thought Scioscia was a player’s manager. That’s why he was brought in to replace Terry Collins.

    • BobOfArslan 3 years ago

      Yes, he is a player’s manager. That’s why he stupidly left CJ Wilson in the game in the 5th inning, attempting to get CJ a win, instead of getting the Angels. Even Bobby Valentine doesn’t make boneheaded decisions on that level.

  6. snapcase8p 3 years ago

    Leyland isn’t going to coach forever, Francona might be a good option for Detroit.

  7. hawkny1 3 years ago

    Bobby V. will be managing the Red Sox in 2013. Ben Cherington will be working in Chicago with the Cubs’ organization.

  8. mpguy 3 years ago

    People like Bob Nightengale are the worst kinds of sports “journalists”–if you can call them that at all. They throw out rumors like Scioscia being on thin ice just because it makes them seem edgy and, by extension, important. Hey, Bob, here’s a thought: go talk with someone in the Angels front office. Then you’d know how silly that statement is. Arte Moreno isn’t like Steinbrenner. He doesn’t fire people on a whim, just because he’s not happy with everything at the moment. If Nightengale actually did his job, he’d know that.

  9. Fangaffes 3 years ago

    Interesting how sports writers from other cities are just full of dreadful ideas for who should be the next Red Sox manager. PLEASE not Scioscia!

    • stl_cards16 3 years ago

      I have no idea why Scioscia would want to go there. It’s obvious that when the team plays poorly, the media, players, and fans all throw the manager under the bus.

      • Fangaffes 3 years ago

        Worse yet, he’d have to manage Lackey again.

  10. Steve Corbett 3 years ago

    I’d like to see what Francona could do in Milwaukee or Cleveland. Of course, in a perfect world, I would love to see Buck Showalter in Boston and Tito in Baltimore, but it ain’t happening.

  11. hawkny1 3 years ago

    Scioscia is a west coast guy. He wouldn’t last a full season in the AL East. There is too much pressure from the fans and the media, especially in Boston and New York

  12. $17154452 3 years ago

    Boston wants John Farrell so the Jays should let him go and then get Francona to manage the Jays if they are serious about contending next year.

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