Jocketty On Ludwick, Chapman, Votto

It’s no secret that Reds GM Walt Jocketty intends to upgrade the Cincinnati outfield this offseason. Jocketty addressed his search for outfield help and other Reds-related questions in a conversation with MLBTR at the GM Meetings in Indian Wells, California. Here are the details.

  • Jocketty said the Reds hope to re-sign Ryan Ludwick this winter. “We’ve made some progress, but it’ll probably take another week or two before we know where we’re at,” the GM said. “
  • Ideally the Reds would like to add a leadoff hitter. Whether the newcomer plays center or left field has yet to be determined.
  • The Reds view Aroldis Chapman as a starting pitcher long-term and they could make him a starter in 2013 if they acquire a free agent reliever. “If we re-sign Ryan Madson or [Jonathan] Broxton or someone else it would allow us to move Chapman to the rotation,” Jocketty said. Pitching coach Bryan Price feels strongly that Chapman can become a top of the rotation starter.
  • Signing Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips in the spring helped the Reds focus on other needs this offseason, the GM said. “That was important for us to do, for sure.”

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  1. Doug Gray 3 years ago

    So let me get this straight…. your pitching coach thinks the guy can be a top of the rotation starter, but you are only going to try him as a starter if you can find someone else to close? Small time thinking Reds.

    • TophersReds 3 years ago

      Having a Mariano Rivera can be just as crucial as having a possible (italics) top line starter. It’s been a long time since Reds fans generally haven’t had to worry about shutting the door in the 9th, and Chapman has been an amazing change of pace from Coco Cordero.

      While I also want to see him as a starter, this situation can go either way and there are good points to both sides. If Chapman wants to start, let him start. If he wants to close, let him close. Whatever he is most comfortable with.

      • RMR 3 years ago

        And yet, Chapman’s save rate was middle of the road this year. As dominant as he was, he actually wasn’t any more effective at closing games than Cordero when it was all said and done. Quite often, effective closing means getting 3 outs before giving up 3 runs; pretty much any major league caliber pitcher is capable of doing that.

        Or think of this way: If you had a guy who just pitched 240 amazing innings as your #1 starter, would even entertain the thought that maybe he should be your closer instead?

        • TophersReds 3 years ago

          You see, you bring up counting stats. Just because you have the most RBIs doesn’t mean you’re the best hitter. Same concept. Are you saying Mo Rivera would be more valuable in a starting role because “effective closing means getting 3 outs”? Same Concept.

          He didn’t start closing until after a month and a half of Sean Marshall Closing (where he collected 11 saves I believe). If Chapman started the year closing, you could probably add 10-12 saves to his total, bringing him around 50+ saves total.

          Now I ask you, is 50+ saves middle of the pack? Unless you see him pitch, it is easy to say “it’s only 3 outs.” He is an absolute force.

      • Timothy Tappin 3 years ago

        Closers are overrated, I would much rather prefer a number 1 or 2 starter than a closer. Just look at the Giants, they won without Brian Wilson.

        • TophersReds 3 years ago

          There is zero guarantee that he instantly becomes a 1/2 starter. It could turn into another Neftali Feliz situation, which is the last thing you want.

          • Timothy Tappin 3 years ago

            100% agree with you on that. But I was just saying that closers are overrated, they can certainly be replaced way easier than a top of the rotation starter. Its a chance the reds take if they find a reliable closer.

    • camisadelgolf 3 years ago

      I think Jocketty’s trying to iterate that the Reds are in a market for a closer. Otherwise, free agent closers would be scared of being put in a setup role if they come to Cincy.

  2. DG 3 years ago

    Any chance Jocketty is using this as leverage against Madson and Broxton? Sign with the Reds for the right amount and you get to close. May not be guaranteed a closing job elsewhere. Sounds dumb but ya never know.

  3. DG 3 years ago

    Maybe Jocketty is trying to make a point to Madson and Broxton. If one of them sign, they’re the closer. One of them should be had for a reasonable price.

  4. Shawn Smith 3 years ago

    Does everybody forget that he not only: a) came from Cuba as a starter; b) was by all accounts the best starter the Reds had in Spring Training last year; and c) was ONLY moved to the ‘pen b/c of Madson’s elbow? Long term plan for Chappy has, was, and always will be to start him…..thats why they shelled out $30 million to get him

  5. Shawn Smith 3 years ago

    Oh, and not to mention, that they had to give him 2 weeks off near the end of the season because his arm can’t handle pitching 3 days in a row….he needs to start….FA market is heavy on relievers this year anyway….i’d like to see Madson re-sign on the cheap..he kinda owes the Reds for last year, anyway 😉

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