Winter Meetings Review: Day 3

After a pair of notable trades were agreed upon on Day 2 of this year's Winter Meetings, Day 3 featured a couple more trades and also saw a few free agents come off the board. Here's a recap of Wednesday's major headlines:



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  1. wadesawko 2 years ago

    I still see Kemp in Seattle and Price in L.A. Not sure how much Seattle will give up for this to work though.

    • Bob 2 years ago

      I could see this happening if LA ate money on Kemps contract. Zunino and Pederson plus some high tools low a ball guys going to Tampa.

    • SteveJbleedsblue 2 years ago

      Not a chance.

  2. Dale Pearl 2 years ago

    man oh man it is so transparent how many of these rumors are agents paying some writer to put it down on words hoping that the here-say makes it true.

  3. Chris Cipolla 2 years ago

    Why is Arroyo not on the Cubs radar? No brainier solid # 2-3 pitcher, Lock for 200 innings and you take him away from a rival. cubs stop saying your going after these high dollar guys and ultimately loose out. Go after the journeyman that are affordable and make you a better team

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