Quick Hits: Angels, Alderson, Dodgers, Ruiz, White Sox

In a must-read piece for ESPN The Magazine, Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus provides a riveting look into the Angels' efforts to turn around the organization's languishing farm system. Focusing on the philosophies of assistant GM (and former big leaguer) Scott Servais, Miller explores how the Halos hope to emulate the shockingly simple methods of the Cardinals while infusing deep, data-driven analysis into their player-development efforts. 

Here are more links from around the game to finish the day:

  • Mets GM Sandy Alderson hopes to stay in his role for two or three more years, reports Mike Puma of the New York Post. The 66-year-old, who took the helm in October of 2010, is currently under contract for the following season with a club option for 2015.
  • New Dodgers TV network SportsNet LA has yet to reach agreement with many local pay-TV distributors, reports Joe Flint of the Los Angeles Times, which means that a majority of Los Angeles viewers would be without Dodgers games if the season started today. Though the network expressed confidence that deals will be in place by the onset of the 2014 campaign, Flint explains that negotiations promise to be tense.
  • In an interesting profile of Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz, Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer notes that little notice was given to the fact that Ruiz has been cleared by MLB to use Adderall in the coming season. That is the very substance for which Ruiz was suspended at the start of last season. Brookover paints a picture of a genuinely passionate backstop who is ready to earn his new three-year, $26MM contract.
  • A major factor in the White Sox' rebuilding plans is number-two starter Jose Quintana. As MLB.com's Scott Merkin writes, the work of scouts Daraka Shaheed and Joe Siers was responsible for bringing Quintana into the Chicago organization as a minor league free agent from the Yankees, and for setting him on the trajectory to serve as a starter. The 25-year-old, who notched a 3.51 ERA in an even 200 innings last year, is likely to become arbitration-eligible next season as a Super Two. MLBTR's Tim Dierkes recently looked at the excellent work of Shaheed and Siers in examining the increasing number of Major League deals for minor league free agents.
  • Busy as the Sox were this off-season, no single addition carries as much risk (and, perhaps, upside) as 27-year-old first baseman Jose Abreu. As Merkin reports, the big Cuban — who inked a six-year, $68MM deal in late October — has drawn rave early reviews for his professionalism both at the plate and in terms of effort.

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  1. kungfucampby 1 year ago

    It’s so ironic that at a time when people in baseball are screaming about PEDs, you can get approval from MLB for taking nothing more than greenies. You know, the original PED.

    • rouscher 1 year ago

      It’s Adderall, it really doesn’t matter. The drug just helps you focus, i really see nothing wrong with a drug that just helps you focus.

      • Baseball is a mental game just as it is a physical one. I wouldn’t discredit the value of a drug that helps you focus.

        • Maxxx Depth 1 year ago

          couldn’t agree more Preacher man. That’s what drives me up the wall, it can be seen just as advantageous as testosterone..and besides, when did our productive system start making Adderall?

        • jwsox 1 year ago

          There is a huge difference between LEGAL doctor prescribed adderall and ILLEGAL synthetic testosterone and steroids. If he has a legit medical issue that a mlb vetted doctor has allowed him to use the substance than there is nothing wrong with it.

          • There is a difference, but where do you draw the line? If a doctor prescribes a player a medicinal marijuana prescription, that’s legal too.

            Adderall gives him an advantage that other players don’t get to have. I don’t think that’s fair.

          • KJ4realz 1 year ago

            You realize that there are alternatives to prescribing marijuana. Most marijuana prescriptions are for chronic issues, a lot involving pain that inhibits ability to work let alone play a sport. Most prescriptions of that as well is not to be used during work or what have you.

            If there were an alternative to adderal it would be prescribed, but regardless the med would be used to help focus. I’m guess Ruiz has some sort of adult ADD, which is not an easy thing to deal with.

            It really makes you think more, now that they are allowing him to take it, if either he was banned for something else or if there would be any reversal/compensation for his ban.

          • There’s alternatives to adult ADD too.

            I’m not really questioning whether or not his prescription is valid, but I still don’t think it’s fair to allow him to take it. Does he need it? That’s not for me to say, but there’s plenty of ailments that could be helped by methods not approved by MLB. This could open up a can of worms.

      • Maxxx Depth 1 year ago

        a guy that can’t focus should accept the fact just like a guy that can’t stay healthy. I’ve been on Testosterone replacement for over a year now due to an accident, and i haven’t even so much as coughed! But i doubt it’s going to help me get a spring training invite : ((

        • KJ4realz 1 year ago

          Seriously? So a person with bad eye sight should just accept the fact and not wear glasses are get any LASIK surgery?

          If there is an available treatment that helps, why would you choose accepting the fact rather than seek help?

          • Maxxx Depth 1 year ago

            no even in the same category. There are natural foods that help concentration, so why resort to drugs? A guy that can’t stay healthy should be able to take Testosterone, especially playing 150 games, most with a single rest day in between.

  2. phillies1102 1 year ago

    Just one more reason to think that 2012 was more than an aberration for Ruiz. He obviously was on the stuff in 2012, but now that he can use it regularly again, there’s hope for at least solid production out of Ruiz, certainly better than last year where he felt the repercussions of no drugs.

  3. Zak Arn 1 year ago

    RAJ you sly dog. You knew Ruiz could pop Adderall again before you doled out that 3 year deal didn’t you? I now raise my expectations from .270 BA and 5 HRs to .315 BA, 15-20 HRs.

  4. Quikmix 1 year ago

    After reading that piece on the Angels’ player development, a lot more of their minor league signings make sense.

    • Rusty_Arcadia 1 year ago

      It’s good to know that the Angels do actually have a direction and a philosophy in mind. That whole disaster with Brandon Wood was tough to watch. Really wanted that kid to do well.

      • Jose Ochoa 1 year ago

        Hopefully they take advantage of this year’s draft… They have to go pitcher heavy

        • RyanWKrol 1 year ago

          They have to be careful though. Being pitcher heavy was a big reason their system fell from 1st to near last in just a few years by 2010.

  5. NRD1138 1 year ago

    I think Quintana should have about 10-15 more victories so far in his career if not for disappearing bats and sometimes bad glove work in his games pitched. After two years I think the White Sox should have a good idea of what they have and sign him to a good deal for about 5-6 years.

    • BrocNessMonster 1 year ago

      That’s why wins don’t matter to the majority of baseball fans now. Much better ways to evaluate performance.

  6. BrocNessMonster 1 year ago

    Am I the only Dodgers fan that isn’t satisfied with “a deal should get done by opening day”? Coverage starts with the first spring game. I want it. And if DirecTV doesn’t get something done by opening day, I’m canceling.

    • BlueSkyLA 1 year ago

      Not that you can do anything about it, but TWC is counting on that sort of pressure. They are even running ads telling non-TWC customers to bug their providers to sign on with the new Dodgers channel. It’s entirely about money of course, and we sports fans are caught in the rundown.

    • RyanWKrol 1 year ago

      I’d hold off on that though because even though I don’t like DirecTV, TWC just merged with Comcast, and we’re in the dark as to how that will effect the monthly bills.

      • BlueSkyLA 1 year ago

        I’m not in the dark. They will be going up. Even without the (proposed) Comcast merger, TWC subscribers will be paying around $5.00/month more just for the Dodgers channel. The other carriers will have to pay TWC at least that much to carry it, and so far they are balking (but that doesn’t mean the runner takes a base).

      • BrocNessMonster 1 year ago

        I’d rather pay $100 for what I want than $90 for what I don’t want.

    • JordanMantor 1 year ago

      Agreed. As a DirecTV subscriber, I am truly frustrated. I’ll cancel as well if it’s not fixed by Opening Day.

      • BruceP 1 year ago

        Won’t we be able to see the games through mlb.tv until the matter is settled? That was my plan.

        • JordanMantor 1 year ago

          I was told that the games would be blacked out here due to local conflicts. :/

  7. RyanWKrol 1 year ago

    I love that the article mentions how low the Angels’ system was ranked in 1999. That was during the time the Angels were slowly putting together the team that won the World Series. And they weren’t even giving up prospects in trades. They were keeping them. Just goes to show that your farm system can be depleted no matter what the organization does.

  8. Kay 1 year ago

    Great article on the Angels inside info. I remember that short lived Woods hype.

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