Westbrook Gets Three-Year Extension

According to MLB.com, the Indians have extended starter Jake Westbrook through the 2010 season, with no option years. 

PECOTA would only offer about $25MM to the groundballer, but Baseball Digest Daily reports the amount as $33MM.  That’s on par with Javier Vazquez‘s recent extension.  The deal is clearly a hometown discount; Cleveland journalists had speculated that he’d get at least four years and $12MM annually.

That still leaves C.C. Sabathia and Travis Hafner as the team’s major upcoming free agents.  That’s not until after the 2008 season though.  It has been said that Carlos Zambrano‘s contract could serve as a framework for Sabathia’s.  Assuming the Cubs sign Z at five years, $80MM, the Tribe should go for a similar deal with C.C.  This year might be his best, so the time is now.  Personally, I don’t think the below-market Westbrook deal kills the C.C. possibility.   

On Pronk, I think the Indians can hold off.  As awesome as he is, that’s a $100MM+ contract and at least a five year commitment.  If the team makes the playoffs this year and/or in 2008, maybe that would create some extra revenue to put towards Hafner.

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