Ivan Rodriguez Rumors: Thursday

10:54am: WEEI’s Alex Speier spoke to Rodriguez, who said:

"My agent and I, the conversation we had is (regarding) Houston and Florida. There have been rumors about the Mets, also. But as of right now, there’s nothing firm. Nothing has happened. We’re still waiting."

Pudge spoke highly of the Mets and didn’t rule out the idea of being a backup on a one-year deal.

9:23am: In a column last night, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports weighed in on free agent catcher Ivan Rodriguez.

Rosenthal says the Marlins and Mets remain interested in Rodriguez, but in either case he’d have to earn his playing time.  Pudge wants to enter a situation where he’ll get to play five days a week.  The Marlins and Mets aren’t ready to push aside John Baker or Brian Schneider to guarantee that.  Also, the Mets would have to move backup Ramon Castro to be able to sign Rodriguez.  Rodriguez seems more concerned with playing time than money.  He’ll attempt to raise his stock in the WBC.

Rosenthal says the Astros will pass over "concern that Rodriguez would be a poor teammate."

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