Pirates Have Inside Track On Miguel Angel Sano

We wrote about 16 year-old Dominican shortstop Miguel Angel Sano earlier this month.  He's in line for a huge bonus when the international signing period begins July 2nd.

According to Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pirates "have an inside track" on signing Sano.  Kovacevic believes Sano could challenge Michael Ynoa's record bonus of $4.25MM.  Before they commit, though, the Pirates are conducting a rigorous investigation as to whether Sano is really 16.  Sano's agent Rob Plummer on the Pirates' chances:

"The Pirates are one of many teams interested, and they've got as good a shot as any team as long as the money is there.  There's no question they're interested, just as there's no question this is a special talent."

So as long as the Pirates pay the most they've got a chance.  Got it.

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