Jason Bartlett Rumors: Tuesday

10:55pm: The Giants are not in on Bartlett, according to Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News (on Twitter). 

10:00pm: The Giants and Cardinals both added infielders today, but haven't completely ruled out acquiring Bartlett, according to Jon Heyman of SI.com (on Twitter). Bartlett, a long shot for the Giants, would be insurance in case Pablo Sandoval's struggles continue.

8:59pm: The Giants are one of several clubs engaging the Rays in trade talks about Bartlett even after reaching a deal with Miguel Tejada, according to Scott Miller of CBS Sports.

5:00pm: The Giants are "wide open" on their options at short, according to ESPN.com's Jerry Crasnick (on Twitter). They've considered Bartlett, Miguel Tejada, Orlando Cabrera and Marco Scutaro. Meanwhile, an Orioles source tells Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun that the Rays and O's aren't moving closer to a deal involving Bartlett.

TUESDAY, 3:45pm: The Giants have become one of the most serious suitors for Bartlett, according to Rosenthal and Morosi.

MONDAY, 5:40pm: The Rays are moving closer to trading Jason Bartlett, according to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports. The reporters’ sources say the Dodgers’ deal with Juan Uribe accelerated trade talks. The Cardinals, Padres, Giants, Orioles and Pirates have all expressed interest in Bartlett, who is arbitration eligible for the third and final time this offseason.

The Rays appear to be looking for bullpen help in any trade involving Bartlett. If they do trade the 31-year-old, they’ll likely replace him with Reid Brignac, who played 50 games at short in 2010 and posted a higher OPS than Bartlett (.692 vs. .675). 

Bartlett slumped to .254/.324/.350 in 2010 after an All-Star season in 2009, but his career line (.281/.345/.385) suggests he's capable of more offense. He earned $4MM in 2010 and will likely earn over $5MM through arbitration in 2011.

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  1. InLeylandWeTrust 5 years ago

    Where would they plan on playing Bartlett?

    • Kyle 5 years ago

      Short and have tejada play third. They need a backup plan for Pablo. They will go between the three like they did last year with uribe

  2. I have a question. Who can the Rays from the Giants? They have a lot of talent in the Giants organization.

    • Kyle 5 years ago

      I hear the rays want bullpen help

    • Depends , im sure the Giants wont offer Runzler or Romo..but im sure they would part with Casilla/Ray/Ramirez. Theres also a few in relief in the minors who im sure they could throw in if they needed to

      • gigantes2425 5 years ago

        I think Ray/casilla get it done.

      • Kyle 5 years ago

        I want the giants to keep runzler, romo, and Lopez. Lopez was a stud in the playoffs.

        • doubt any of the 3 are on the trade block. most likely Ray & Casilla like gigantes said. regardless i would like to see how this all plays out if we obtain Bartlett also.

  3. 55legend 5 years ago

    love Sabean’s plan (can’t believe i just said that) about recruiting recent all-star bartlett even after the tejada signing. Pablo is a fat wreck job that needs to lose weight before he can even think about fixing his free-swinging style. If we get Bartlett though, You can count on Burrell not returning for sure. Where the hec would he play? Ross will probably sign with the Giants, Torres in center…so who’s in left/right field? Derosa,Schierholtz, Rowand, Velez(yikes). I’m curious to see what happens with Bartlett. As for me, I hope the Giants’ NEXT move is signing Ross the Boss.

    • I think everyone just writes Ross in RF now. Burrell is definately the odd man out. Guessing Derosa in LF or maybe Sabean still plans to target Crawford/Werth. Until then i would guess DeRosa in LF. If Belt works his way into the Opening Day lineup though it would be Belt 1b Huff LF most definately if another signing doesnt occur

      • cubfan4life 5 years ago

        Ross will be tendered a contract but it wouldnt surprise me at all if they locked him up on a 3 year deal he has a very good track record and he is only turning 30 next month. Its just that playing in baseball purgatory (Florida) no one ever got to see what he could do. With an everyday job he’ll give you very good defense at all 3 OF spots. He’ll hit right around .270 with 20 or so HRs and 80 or so RBIs.

        There is no way that Belt starts the year with SF though. If for no other reason than to slow down the arb clock. Buster Posey didnt even start the year in the majors remember.

        IDK if DeRo is the answer in LF though. I think that they will bring someone in and could even try to deal him for a RP just to open up the roster spot. He could hold some value to an AL team due to his ability to play anywhere and he can give rotating guys days off or days as the DH. The Yankees would be a good fit perhaps for Alfredo Aceves or maybe David Phelps. Other than that i think Rowand probably gets first crack due to his contract but if Belt is on fire come June….then you might see him at 1B and Huff in LF.

        • Anyone who doesn’t like Cody Ross must hate right-handed batting, left-handed throwing bald outfielders.

          Cut him a deal, Giants.

        • Anyone who doesn’t like Cody Ross must hate right-handed batting, left-handed throwing bald outfielders.

          Cut him a deal, Giants.

    • Kyle 5 years ago

      That will give the giants lots of options. Pablo 1st and 3rd. Huff Rf and first. DeRosa left and third. Tajada ss third. Gives them lots of options.

      • nzmrmn 5 years ago

        And that’s Bochy ball.

        • alxn 5 years ago

          a bunch of old guys who can play multiple positions, although not particularly well

    • I dont give Pablo 2 more seasons until he is cut…he’s overweight is going to ruin his baseball career

  4. I think the Giants will end up with nothing…they want to give nothing for bartlett, Ray?? common the guy throws horrible, Ramirez…he cant pitch to the yankees or Jays he is being killed…..

    Bartlett will go to SD in exchange of Luge Gregerson and PTBL

  5. ZoinksScoob 5 years ago

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Kung Fu Panda as part of a deal involving Bartlett; Rays need a 1B with Peña leaving. Maybe Bartlett and Andy Sonnanstine for Sandoval and Santiago Casilla?

    • No way Pablo is being traded. The Giants aren’t ready to give up on him after one bad season.

    • I think that would be a good idea…Pablo for Bartlett help both teams.
      But any other ways think the Giants are going to give Ishikawa and Shcieholtz

      • YourBase 5 years ago

        How? Pablo is much younger, cheaper, has way more upside, and even had a better season than Bartlett had. Besides, the last two seasons, Bartlett has been a terrible fielder. Pablo’s minor league numbers and previous time in the majors (as well as BABIP) suggest that this was a down year. One must also consider the personal problems that he had this season as well.

      • Dwan 5 years ago

        of course a Dback fan thinks that a good trade. lol

  6. Brian H. 5 years ago

    I would trade Bartlett for Wilson straight up if that’s what it takes for the Giants. I think any time a reliever has a good season that he should be traded because they are so inconsistent and
    overvalued…getting an everyday player for one, let alone a

  7. northsfbay 5 years ago

    The Giants are trading Wilson and Sandavol. LMFAO.

  8. northsfbay 5 years ago

    The Giants are trading Wilson and Sandavol. LMFAO.

  9. TopDeckBum 5 years ago

    The Giants are not in on Bartlett, according to Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News (on Twitter).

    Rumor is Sabean backed off once he heard an assistant describe Bartlett as “rangy”.

  10. What a shame. I really wanted to see how the Giants played this one out.
    And maybe if we had gotten Bartlett it would’ve motivated Sandoval to work his ass off during the off season.

  11. mgsports 5 years ago

    Derosa can also play SS/2B/1B/RF. Burriss and Velez will make the Roster.

  12. i’d love to see bartlett as a pirate, maybe something with garrett jones would work

  13. HipNip2009 5 years ago

    C Posey, Whiteside
    1B Huff, Ishikawa, Belt
    2B Sanchez, Fontenot
    3B DeRosa, Sandoval
    SS Tejada, Burriss
    OF Ross, Torres, Burrell, Rowand, Schierholtz, Velez
    SP Lincecum, Cain, Bumgarner, Sanchez, Zito
    RP Casilla, Ramirez, Affelt, Ray, Romo, Lopez, Wilson, Runzler

    If the Giants re-sign most, if not all of their arbitration eligible players, I don’t expect to see much more action on the trade or FA front from the champs. Now that most of these guys have been through the pressure, they’re bound to improve.

    I don’t see anyone else in the division make a quantum leap to beat them next season. The Dodgers were a near .500 team and have added Uribe and Garland. The Pads lost their SS and one, possibly two of their SP, Colorado still lacks pitching and have less flexibility financially; none of them have added game changers.

  14. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    also lost Dan Wheeler and Lance Cormier. not sure who aussie is lol.

  15. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    also lost Dan Wheeler and Lance Cormier. not sure who aussie is lol.

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