Rockies Rumors: De La Rosa, Garland, Daley

The Rockies are on the lookout for pitching and they already made one minor deal. Jim Armstrong and Troy Renck of the Denver Post have the details:

  • The Rockies haven’t ruled out bringing Jorge de la Rosa back, but his agent continues talking to other teams and the Rockies are not going to offer more than three years. Some teams are prepared to make a four-year commitment to the left-hander, according to Armstrong.
  • Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd is going through the process of finding a replacement in case De La Rosa leaves. Jon Garland, who is looking for a multi-year deal, is one of the team’s targets, O’Dowd confirmed.
  • The Rockies agreed to sign Matt Daley to a contract that will pay the right-hander $422K in the majors and $236K in the minors, according to Renck. Daley, who is not yet arbitration eligible, posted a 4.24 ERA with 6.9 K/9 and 3.9 BB/9 in 28 relief appearances last year.

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  1. Red_Line_9 5 years ago

    I seemingly hear that Zack Greinke is worthless on the trade market now. Yet, there are teams willing to give Jorge De Le Rosa a 4 year deal?

    Something doesn’t jive. I’m beginning to think that internet posters aren’t as full of sage level wisdom as they would like it to seem.

    • bleedrockiepurple 5 years ago

      Where have you heard that Greinke is worthless on the open market? Only reason i can think that people would say he is “worthless” is due to that fact that any club will have to give up at least 3 big time major league ready prospects to get him. Some people feel that he then is not worth it but other clubs, I’m sure have different views.

      3 or 4 years to DLR has been a very controversial topic for Rox fans, as no one who I’ve talked to at least can agree on $$ amount or years on contract. The Rox should let him go at 4 years, the team who signs him to 40+ mil over 4 years is going to regret it.

      • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

        There was a person posting a few days ago that Greinke didn’t have much trade value. They were saying that he literally had half the value of Justin Upton.

        Just brings to mind the wall that separates the world of internet readers/posters and the actual baseball world.

        As far as Greinke. It’d be wise for the Royals to seek one A+ prospect than a slew of middling players.

        Having no idea who or what would be available…that means the Mike Trouts of the World. Basically, someone who won’t be forced off a middle IF/Of job by overgrowth or bad defense.

        Always good to see a Rockies fan. Love Denver and love the Rockies!

        • bleedrockiepurple 5 years ago

          I’ve heard that it will take an organizations #1 prospect and at the very least 2 other top 10/15 prospects in the organization. If we stay with your example of Mike Trout; he would just kick the tires on a discussion about Greinke, there would have to be 2 maybe 3 other guys involved and guys who are very valuable to an organization at that.

          I would love to read that piece about Grienke being worth half the value of J. Upton just to see what his reasoning is on that idea.

          Seeing Garland in a Rox uni would be nice if DLR gets the 4 year deal everyone says he will. Garland is a lock for 200 IP, pitching at Coors and not at Petco or Dodger Stadium is a little disheartening but he has a chance to thrive in Denver.

          Thanks for the Denver/Rox love by the way, Denver is one the best cities I’ve ever been in. There aren’t many die hard Rockies fans but the team is my life!

          • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

            The Rox have done a very good job developing talent. Makes the chances of another Hampton/Neagle signing less than likely. There was a day when no one with an arm would consider Coors Field. THAT is how far they’ve come as an organization.

            Not much available pitching wise in free agency. Seems to go from Cliff Lee and drops to De Le Rosa.

            Grew up in SW Kansas….so I was a regular to Colorado. In Iowa now, but we used to make it out quite a bit.

            I’m not sure what the point was either on Greinke. But the fact is. any team considering Greinke would be after him as the missing piece of for a long postseason run. Personally, I’d rather have him than Cliff Lee. Another thought is that whatever team does attempt to deal for him will likely seek an extension window.

            I’ve read that the Rockies are done with Jeff Francis? Getting expensive? He seems like a great altitude pitcher when healthy.

            Pitchers that eat innings always seem to go underappreciated….especially by the general fanbase. Garland’s value saving the bullpen, alone, would be very great.

          • bleedrockiepurple 5 years ago

            I couldn’t agree more with you on the notion of, “The Rox have done a very good job developing talent. Makes the chances of another Hampton/Neagle signing less than likely.” Pitchers have seen the success of guys like Cook, Francis (both prior to 2010 and even Ubaldo and DLR over the past 2 seasons and other pitchers have slowly expressed more interest in coming to Denver if the contract situation is right and the contract situations are far less inflated than they use to be (i.e. Hampton 8 yrs-124 mil).

            Couldn’t agree more again with the idea that inning-eaters are underappreciated. Many like to look at ERA, walks, strikeouts etc, which are all important but innings pitched are right on the same level of importance as any other major pitching stat.

            As for the Francis situation….The Rox declined his 7.5 mil club option a couple weeks back, which is understandable because he had Tommy John surgery and had his struggles before the surgury (’08) and after surgery this past season. The Rockies have said they would love to bring him back but has said they arent looking at anything more than a 1 yr contract with an incentive based salary. And clearly Francis has said he wants more and other teams have expressed interest in him (Pirates, Mariners, Brewers, Astros).

            I would love to see Francis come back and compete for a starting rotation spot but we will have to see how serious other clubs are about him and what kind of contract offers he receives.

      • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

        I have had some real solid connections with the Rockies, so my heart is always with them. They have built a very solid organization.

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