Players Avoiding Arbitration: Tuesday

Dozens of arbitration eligible players have agreed to deals with their respective teams today and we've been tracking all of the developments right here.  Several teams, including the Rays, Nationals, Marlins, White Sox, Blue Jays, Braves, and perhaps Astros, are known for committing to going to hearings if they get to the point of filing.  Keep track of all the madness with MLBTR's arbitration tracker, which shows settlement amounts, filing figures, and midpoints.  Today's players to avoid arbitration on deals worth less than $4MM:

  • The Reds announced that they also avoided arbitration with Homer Bailey and Paul Janish (Twitter link). Reds reliever Bill Bray announced that his agents at Octagon finished his deal.
  • The Giants avoided arbitration with Nate Schierholtz on a $1.3MM deal that includes $150K in incentives, Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News tweets. The Giants avoided arbitration with reliever Santiago Casilla, agreeing to a $2.2MM deal with $200K in incentives, tweets Enrique Rojas.  MLBTR had projected the ACES client for a $1.9MM salary.
  • The Pirates avoided arbitration with Evan Meek , agreeing to a one-year $875K deal that includes $25K in performance bonuses,'s Jenifer Langosch tweets.  The Pirates avoided arbitration with starter Jeff Karstens, tweets Rob Biertempfel of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, on a deal worth $3.1MM.  MLBTR projected the Moye Sports Associates client for $2.8MM. 
  • The Brewers avoided arbitration with reliever Kameron Loe, reports's Adam McCalvy.  Loe obtained $2.175MM, Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tweets.
  • The Nationals have avoided arbitration with reliever Tyler Clippard, according to their Twitter feed.  The Nationals also announced they've avoided arbitration with pitchers Jordan Zimmermann and Tom Gorzelanny.  Both are represented by SFX.  Zimmermann received $2.3MM, tweets Heyman, and Gorzelanny gets $2.7MM.
  • The Yankees announced pitchers Joba Chamberlain and David Robertson have avoided arbitration.  Jon Heyman has Chamberlain around $1.675MM and Robertson at $1.6MM with $25K in incentives.
  • The Red Sox announced an agreement with infielder Mike Aviles.  It's worth $1.2MM, tweets John Tomase of the Boston Herald.
  • The Athletics announced agreements with their final two arbitration eligible players: pitchers Brandon McCarthy and Joey Devine.  McCarthy will make $4.275MM, tweets Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle.  She says Devine gets $737,500 plus incentives.
  • The Royals announced arbitration deals with pitchers Luke Hochevar, Felipe Paulino, and Jonathan Sanchez.  Rustin Dodd of the Kansas City Star pegs Hochevar at $3.51MM, Paulino at $1.9MM, and Sanchez at $5.6MM with $200K in performance bonuses.
  • The Marlins avoided arbitration with reliever Edward Mujica, tweets Juan C. Rodriguez of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
  • The Mariners avoided arbitration with reliever Shawn Kelley, reports's Greg Johns.  The deal is worth $600K.
  • The Rays announced they've avoided arbitration with reliever Burke Badenhop on a deal worth $1.075MM.  He gets $25K for 50 games pitched, MLBTR has learned.  Badenhop is represented by ACES.
  • The Rockies avoided arbitration with outfielder Dexter Fowler for $2.35MM, MLBTR has learned.
  • The Tigers announced they've avoided arbitration with pitcher Max Scherzer and outfielder Delmon Young.  Jon Heyman pegs the Scherzer deal at $3.75MM and Young at $6.75MM.  The Tigers also avoided arbitration with utility man Don Kelly, agreeing to a $900K deal, tweets Heyman.  Matt Swartz projected $800K for the LSW Baseball client.
  • The Astros avoided arbitration with starter J.A. Happ on a deal worth $2.35MM, tweets MLBTR's Ben Nicholson-Smith.
  • The Phillies avoided arbitration with infielder Wilson Valdez, tweets's Todd Zolecki.  The team announced the value at $930K.  Given their deal with Cole Hamels, only Hunter Pence remains.
  • The Indians avoided arbitration with reliever Joe Smith and third baseman Jack Hannahan, tweets's Jordan Bastian.  Smith gets $1.75MM and Hannahan gets $1.135MM.
  • The Mets avoided arbitration with outfielder Andres Torres on a deal worth $2.7MM, tweets Adam Rubin of ESPNNewYork.  Matt Swartz had projected $2.5MM for the ACES client.  The Mets also avoided arbitration with reliever Ramon Ramirez, agreeing to a $2.65MM deal, tweets ESPN's Enrique Rojas.  The ACES client was projected by MLBTR for a $2.3MM salary.  The Mets finished up by announcing an agreement with Manny Acosta.  Andy McCullough pegs that one at $875K.
  • The Blue Jays announced they've avoided arbitration with pitcher Carlos Villanueva on a $2.2775MM deal.  Villanueva is represented by SFX.
  • The Royals avoided arbitration with outfielder Mitch Maier, tweets Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star.  The deal is worth $865K with a potential $10K bonus for 100 plate appearances, tweets Dutton's colleague Rustin Dodd.  Maier is represented by Eric Sobocinski.
  • The Twins avoided arbitration with reliever Glen Perkins, agreeing to a $1.55MM deal, tweets Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.  Matt Swartz had projected $1.5MM for the SFX client.
  • The Rangers avoided arbitration with reliever Mark Lowe, agreeing to a $1.7MM deal, tweets Evan Grant of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  MLBTR's Matt Swartz had projected the Jeff Frye client at $1.6MM.  The team also avoided arbitration with outfielder David Murphy, tweets Anthony Andro, on a deal worth $3.625MM.

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    1. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

      Wow, that’s news to me because I’ve always known the Braves to almost never go to hearings. Don’t they usually figure things out beforehand? With Bourn (boras client, well deserving of a raise) things might get a little hairy but I think they’ll figure things out with him and JJ.

      • Well, I think they just don’t get to the point of filing for the most part.

        • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

          ooohhh ok, nvm I see what you’re saying. I thought you meant that they rarely figure things out before this deadline.

    2. Poor Mark Lowe,

      Never going to be anything more than a trivia question answer 

    3. LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

      Another great year or two from Zimm and he should be in line for an extension.. But not before Zim!

    4. the Jays have not been to arbitration hearing for any of there players in like a decade think the last one was Pete Walker or some nobody like him that the Jays won!!!

      • jshepp 4 years ago

        They haven’t been there since 1997 and it was Bill Risley

    5. SoCalAngelsFan75 4 years ago

      Am I the only Halos fan concerned that Erick Aybar hasn’t appeared on this list?

    6. vtadave 4 years ago

      $2.7 million for Torres? Wow.  What a waste.

    7. All Day Réy 4 years ago

       Arbitration Avoidance Month!!

    8. LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

      Gorzo gets more money then Zimm.. what a sham

    9. MisterMarlin 4 years ago

      Marlins resigned Mujica to return to a bullpen that has Heath Bell and Oviedo (Leo Nunez) and Mike Dunn and Randy Choate and other young potential studs. Once they add Cespedes, they are a more than legit threat to take the NL East for the first time ever! Muy bien.

    10. To me, Delmon Young is a complete mystery.  Based on what he did last season 6.75 mill seems incredibly steep, but the talent is there.  If he can get locked in for an extended period of time, he’s truly a great hitter in any lineup.  He regressed like it was nobody’s business last season but the Tigers got to see the good Delmon in the stretch run. I’ll be interested to see what he does this year.

    11. Iconoclast17 4 years ago

      Big boost for Brandon McCarthy in Oakland. Do the A’s trade him now, mid-season or keep him for all of 2012?

      • LanceKlein 4 years ago

        He gets hurt in spring training

      • Snoochies8 4 years ago

        Mid season if he’s healthy for sure. Same with bartolo, and kurt suzuki if he puts up good numbers

    12. loadtimes 4 years ago

       Sad to know that Joba Chamberlain is making more money than David Robertson.

    13. Mikey Roederer 4 years ago

      Is there anyway to organize this list a little better? Like maybe alphabetize or something? and group teams together? I noticed the Royals are listed twice…just a curiosity thing

    14. AlKelz 4 years ago

      I know the players union will never go for it , but I would like to see Arbitration abolished. Even George Stienbrenner pointed free agency is a choice , but arbitration requires all teams to match whatever the stupidest owner offers someone .

      I would much rather that 3-6 year players have higher minimum salaries . That way when someone spends 270 million on a third basemen , it doesn’t inflate the cost for everyone. With players cost controlled for 6 years , perhaps more teams could compete?

      Just a thought 😉

      • stl_cards16 4 years ago

        The whole idea of arbitration is for players to get paid for how well they perform. I’m not saying it’s a perfect system but I don’t think it’s a big problem.

      • CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

        If players in years 3-6 still get some sort of minimum, than the bigger market teams are saving more money, and can buy every single free agent, not to mention once guys got to free agency, there salaries would likely be inflated drastically by an ensuing bidding war, since teams would have excessive money to spend.

        • AlKelz 4 years ago

          Points taken . But this madness must end . The O’s may owe Guthrie 10.25 Million and he went 4-17 . If teams have to spend 10 Million a year on starters who lose 17 games a year , we are all doomed.

          Yes , he pitched a lot of innings , yes his numbers would have been better if he had more run support . But I don’t deal in if’s , I deal in wins and losses . And to have my ” Ace ” loose 17 games a year and demand 10 Million plus to do it , well , this financial insainity must stop , somehow ?

    15. AlKelz 4 years ago

      I know the players union will never go for it , but I would like to see Arbitration abolished. Even George Stienbrenner pointed free agency is a choice , but arbitration requires all teams to match whatever the stupidest owner offers someone .

      I would much rather that 3-6 year players have higher minimum salaries . That way when someone spends 270 million on a third basemen , it doesn’t inflate the cost for everyone. With players cost controlled for 6 years , perhaps more teams could compete?

      Just a thought 😉

    16. buddaley 4 years ago

      The Rays also avoided arbitration with Upton, Price, & Howell.

    17. bayareabeast 4 years ago

      Nate the great. I really hope he starts in right this year, he showed alot of promise before he got hurt last year. Belt can season in AAA untill either Huff/one of the outfielders falter.

      • Bonds2425 4 years ago

        Totally agree. Schierholtz is great in RF. I was at the game when he hit the walk-off against the A’s last may. The guy shows power like he did in Colorado. He has one of the best arms. One he’s one of the fastest guys on the team too. He’s pretty legit. He just needs to hit for a better average and be more consistent.

    18. SoCalAngelsFan75 4 years ago

      About 45 mins after I posted my message is when the Aybar story got posted.  Good to know that’s settled for this year but have a feeling he’s headed for FA afterwards.

    19. Yes, really.

    20. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

      He’ll be on the restricted list, so I don’t think they have to pay him while he’s on there.

    21. Who gave up the walkoff home run to David Freese in game 6 of the 2011 World Series?

    22. jigokusabre 4 years ago

      Which brings us back to the “why?”.

    23. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

      They don’t have to pay him… He’s a decent reliever, who, in all likelihood, won’t be around anyway. They’re not paying him to not be there. It doesn’t really matter. This way they get to keep the rights to his contract though.

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