Rangers Notes: Saunders, Santana, Pre-Arb Salaries

Earlier today, we learned the Rangers were one of seven teams who watched Johan Santana throw during a workout in Fort Myers, Florida.  Though Santana wouldn't be available until around the middle of the season as he recovers from shoulder surgery, he could serve as depth for a Texas rotation that is suddenly facing some injury problems.  Here's some more on the Rangers' pitching explorations…

  • Veteran left-hander Joe Saunders worked out with the Rangers today, USA Today's Scott Boeck tweets.  The Orioles, who were talking to Saunders earlier this month, are also still interested in the southpaw.
  • With Derek Holland and Matt Harrison battling injuries, MLB.com's Richard Justice suggests that the Rangers are a good fit for free agent Ervin Santana.  There have been conflicting reports around whether or not Texas is interested in Santana, and the bigger obstacle could be Santana's desire for a four-year contract.  Justice suggests that the Rangers could offer Santana one or two guaranteed years plus an option, as Santana could then get back onto the free agent market with more momentum on the open market if he pitches well in Arlington.
  • The Rangers agreed to terms with 12 pre-arbitration players on one-year contracts, the team announced.  ESPN Dallas' Richard Durrett has the salaries, and as expected, all 12 men made close to the $500K league minimum.  The highest-paid of the dozen was left-hander Robbie Ross, who will earn a little under $513K next season.  With Mike Trout's record $1MM pre-arbitration deal making news, MLBTR's Zach Links today looked at how teams have different ways of determing pre-arb salaries.

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  1. RoadWarriorUSCA 1 year ago

    Come on Rangers. Really… Johan Santana and Joe Saunders. Rather have Ervin. At least he’s better than those 2 aging pitchers.

    • Stephen J. Puopolo 1 year ago

      Saunders is only a year older than Santana. Not really a big leap. Besides for what Saunders could get and what Santana is demanding, I’d rather take a shot on Saunders.

    • Daniel Morairity 1 year ago

      Dude they need pitching bad and joe saunders, johan santana are very good ones but ervin santana does not need to go to the rangers and i think the rangers need to give up their 30th overall pick in this this years draft and sign kendrys morales

    • Charlie Burns 1 year ago

      As homer prone Ervin is? No thanks.

  2. disqus_oer0Sglud4 1 year ago

    Robbie Ross made $512,745

  3. Jose Herrera 1 year ago

    I rather they signed Johan than the guy who gave up a cycle in his first four pitches in his mlb career

    • RoadWarriorUSCA 1 year ago

      Johan has nothing left. He’s 34 and the last time he pitched was 2012 when he had a 6-9 record with a 4.85 ERA.

    • Stephen J. Puopolo 1 year ago

      Also kind of hard to justify a contract when Johan barely touched 80 MPH.

      • dwarfstar 1 year ago

        Johan Santana is only averaging around 80 mph on his fast ball right now cause is only 7 months removed from surgery and still not at full strength!

        • Trock 1 year ago

          A lot of people are bashing on him only reaching 80 MPH. As far as I have heard, this was the first he has thrown since the surgery. I was surprised he hit that!
          People need to chill out on him until he is a little more recovered and can put more heat on it. Not that I think he is going to be good again, takes time to recover!

  4. Bleed_Orange 1 year ago

    I don’t think Saunders makes sense for the O’s anymore unless its on a minor league deal

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