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Odds And Ends: Cordero, Torrealba, Koskie, Clement

Just browsing the web this morning:

  • Troy Renck of the Denver Post speculates that the Mets deal with Yorvit Torrealba might have fallen apart because of the catcher’s shoulder issues. This is based on Torrealba having missed time in 2006 with two shoulder injuries. The deal fell apart when it was thought to be complete, with only the physical remaining.
  • The Rockies have also inquired on Matt Clement. Renck mentions the Diamondbacks as also having interest in the 33-year-old righty, adding them to the aforementioned Padres and Royals. Clement has thrown just 65.1 innings in the past two years.
  • The Yankees have identified Francisco Cordero as their Plan B closer, should talks with Mariano Rivera fall apart. It should be moot, though, as Rivera is expected to sign this week. Cordero has not made any significant strides in talks with the Brewers.
  • The Twins, who could use an upgrade at third base, aren’t interested in Corey Koskie, who was drafted by the team in 1994 and played with them until he reached free agency after the 2004 season. Koskie missed 2006 with symptoms related to post-concussion syndrome.
  • It is unclear whether the Marlins are still interested in Yorvit Torrealba, writes Joe Capozzi. The price tag could be prohibitive. If the Marlins gave Torrealba the same three-year, $14.4 million deal he was to get with the Mets, he would become their second highest paid player. A catcher was the Marlins highest paid player last year, but they look to be severing ties with Miguel Olivo. I’m not sure Torrealba is much of an upgrade, though. At least Olivo has some pop, having hit 16 homers in each of the last two years.

    Remember, Torrealba hit just .212/.292/.326 away from Coors Field. Then again, Olivo had some pretty severe home/road splits: .247/.277/.493 at home, .228/.249/.325 on the road. You can decide for yourself what that could mean.

Joe Pawlikowski is co-author of River Ave. Blues.

General Chit-Chat

How about this headline at ESPN: "MLB Official: Ramirez might be dealt by Saturday".  Official, what? Can somebody please define what a "big league official" is to me? Anyone? Bat boys are officials – they have the ‘official MLB" ID cards.. the Reds cheerleaders have them too. With that kind of a headline, I’m guessing Manny goes nooooooowhere by Saturday. Sorry Buster, I had to bust your chops (no pun intended).

Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports blatently told Mark McGwire today that he won’t get his HOF vote this year. I refuse to comment..

How many places did I read today that the Cubs have talked to Jason Schmidt’s agent more than once this off season? A few. Talk is cheap and ink drys. Do the deed, then tell me about it. Didn’t someone here predict Lugo would be joining Schmidt in Chicago three weeks ago? *wink* *wink*

Only in Pittsburgh is this possible – a deflationary contract was signed. The Pirates inked Damaso Marte to a two-year deal $1.3m less than the two team options the Pirates had on him. As Charlie said at the Bucs Dugout, that’s odd. Yep – it sure is.

Another odd media report came out today indicating the Pirates were interested in signing Jeff Suppan. Hmm.. I wonder if the Pirates plan to add in the rest of his 2003 salary in their 2007 offer?

What is it with the Reds having three or four receivers on their roster every year?

Barajas is the new Jays receiver. Or, is he? Yes he is. No wait, he isn’t. Have you ever seen so much excitement played in the media over two B/C players? Unbelievable.

Speaking of not having a clue, if you are up for a great laugh read Ed Eagle’s column at MLB today where he gave Pirate fans the opportunity to discuss what they would do if they were GM for a day. Eagle reached deep into his in-box to make all Pirate fans proud presenting some of his responses, like these:

"I would send Castillo, Shane Youman and cash to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Chad Tracy."

"This is what I propose: Maholm, Eldred and Damaso Marte to Tampa Bay for Crawford."

ok.. just one more.. I saved the best for last —

"Since Alex Rodriguez thrives in small-market settings, as GM for the day I would try to trade Duke, Maholm or Gorzelanny along with Salomon Torres and Castillo, for A-Rod… The Yankees would have to pay for some of his contract, but we could do it."

No, he didn’t print my response that said:

"I would resign."

Jake at Bucco Blog

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Morsels to munch on

Which teams were the streakiest in baseball last year? Sal Baxamusa posted a nice statistical article over at The Hardball Times looking at offensive consistency in MLB using the Weibull distribution model. It couldn’t have been the Soriano sweepstakes winners, could it?

Think the MVP should have gone to Pujols and not Howard? Jim Baker at Baseball Prospectus (subscription that you should have is required) continues the fan’s ongoing amazement over the NL MVP voting this year. Some of the questions he raised were how McCann’s 54.8 VORP didn’t even garner him one vote; how Freddy Sanchez received five votes to Jason Bay’s one vote; or how Bronson Arroyo received a vote but Miguel Cabrera, perhaps one of the top ten in the NL last year, didn’t get one vote.

What is scarier in the NLCD — the Cubs adding Soriano (and still after Lugo as I speculated the other day they might), Wayne Krivsky violating his own gag order on acquisitions, Pujols’ 2007 projections after he didn’t get the MVP, the Pirates filling their entire 40-man roster despite needing a starter and lefty thumper, or the Brewers sitting quiet in the back of the room?

Have you seen this year’s results of Tango’s player Scouting Report by the Fans?

David Appleman over at http://www.fangraphs.com talks and graphs ground ball percentage obtained by pitch location in his article here.

By Jake

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Feeds Of MLBTradeRumors.com

I’m kind of new to this whole feeds thing, I have to admit.  I threw some links in the sidebar under Syndication; let me know if these suit your needs.



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