Who Cleared Waivers Last Year?

You may recall that we kept a running list of players who cleared waivers last year based on published reports.  It’s not publicly available information, but journalists were able to dig up a few names.  I expect the same to happen this year.

A reminder of those who cleared a year ago:

Pat Burrell
Jose Contreras
Kyle Farnsworth
Troy Glaus
Jason Lane
Mike Piazza
Odalis Perez
Sammy Sosa
Josh Towers
Steve Trachsel
Jack Wilson
David Wells
Dmitri Young

As for this year, I named many candidates to clear here and here.  Also, Tracy Ringolsby names ten candidates to clear in a new column today.  It’s entirely subjective, but I don’t believe Aubrey Huff and Brian Giles would clear.  I am on the fence about Jarrod Washburn – sometimes teams act irrationally with starting pitching in August.  For example, the Dodgers’ claim of Esteban Loaiza a year ago.

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