2009 Amateur Draft Rumors

Discussion: Is The Draft Broken?

Jayson Stark at ESPN argues that the draft "will never be the same" in the wake of the Stephen Strasburg signing. He quotes club officials who tell him that the draft is "broken" and that the system "needs to be blown up."

Among potential changes that should be discussed, Stark lists a formal slotting system, the ability to trade draft picks, a worldwide draft, and a hockey-style system wherein draft picks would be controlled through their college years.

What do you think? Are bonuses for top picks out of control? Should teams be able to trade picks? Should the way international players are signed change? Is everything just fine the way it is? Let's figure it all out in the comments section.

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Odds And Ends: Moneyball, Draft Signings, Halladay

A few more links for your evening…

  • Jon Weisman of the LA Times reports that the movie based on “Moneyball” has once again been green-lighted with Aaron Sorkin signed on to finish the script.
  • The Mariners have signed their supplemental first round pick, Steven Baron, for $980K.
  • Keith Law reports that negotiations between the Brewers and one of their supplemental picks, #39 overall Kentrail Davis, have “gotten ugly” after the Brewers agreed to his demands and then he turned it down.
  • Joel Sherman reports that if Roy Halladay is traded to the NL before the All-Star game, he will not be permitted to pitch in the mid-summer classic for the AL, but could be allowed to pitch for the NL representing his new team.
  • Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News says the Roy Halladay situation is unlike two other situations in which big-name pitchers were traded within the AL East, including David Cone and Roger Clemens.

List Of First Round Draft Picks To Sign

Here's a list of all the first round picks that shows which first-round picks have signed and for how much:

  1. Washington Nationals – Stephen StrasburgAgreed to a Major League deal worth $15.1MM guaranteed.
  2. Seattle Mariners – Dustin Ackley - Agreed to a Major League deal worth $7.5MM guaranteed.
  3. San Diego Padres – Donavan Tate - Agreed to a $6.25MM bonus.
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates – Tony Sanchez Agreed on a bonus of about $2.5MM.
  5. Baltimore Orioles – Matt Hobgood - Agreed to sign for about $2.4MM.
  6. San Francisco Giants – Zack Wheeler  – Agreed to a $3.3MM bonus.
  7. Atlanta Braves – Mike Minor – Agreed to terms on a $2.42MM bonus.
  8. Cincinnati Reds – Mike LeakeSigned to a bonus of $2.27MM.
  9. Detroit Tigers – Jacob Turner  – Agreed to Major League deal with $5.5MM guaranteed.
  10. Washington Nationals – Drew Storen - Agreed on a bonus of about $1.6MM.
  11. Colorado Rockies – Tyler Matzek Agreed to a $3.9MM bonus.
  12. Kansas City Royals – Aaron Crow - Agreed to sign.
  13. Oakland A's – Grant Green - Agreed to a $2.75MM bonus.
  14. Texas Rangers – Matt Purke - Did not sign.
  15. Cleveland Indians – Alex White - Agreed to a $2.25MM bonus.
  16. Arizona Diamondbacks – Bobby Borchering - Signed for $1.8MM.
  17. Arizona Diamondbacks – A.J. Pollock - Signed, bonus believed to be $1.4MM.
  18. Florida Marlins – Chad James – Agreed to terms on a $1.7MM bonus.
  19. St. Louis Cardinals – Shelby Miller – Agreed to terms on a $2.9MM bonus.
  20. Toronto Blue Jays – Chad Jenkins - Agreed to sign for a bonus of $1.36MM.
  21. Houston Astros – Jiovanni Mier - Agreed to sign for a bonus of $1.358MM.
  22. Minnesota Twins – Kyle Gibson  – Agreed to a $1.8MM bonus.
  23. Chicago White Sox – Jared Mitchell - SignedThe bonus is $1.2MM.
  24. Los Angeles Angels – Randal Grichuk – Signed for a bonus of $1.225MM.
  25. Los Angeles Angels – Mike Trout - Agreed to signThe bonus is $1.2MM.
  26. Milwaukee Brewers – Eric Arnett - Signed, bonus believed to be about $1.2MM.
  27. Seattle Mariners – Nick Franklin Signed for a bonus of $1.28MM.
  28. Boston Red Sox – Reymond Fuentes - Signed for a bonus of about $1.13MM.
  29. New York Yankees – Slade HeathcottSigned for a $2.2MM bonus.
  30. Tampa Bay Rays – Levon Washington - Did not sign.
  31. Chicago Cubs – Brett Jackson - Agreed to termsJackson gets $972k.
  32. Colorado Rockies – Tim WheelerAgreed to signThe bonus is $900k, according to BP.

Diamondbacks Sign Supplemental First Rounder

KTAR.com's Craig Grialou reports that the Diamondbacks have agreed to terms with California high school third baseman Matt Davidson, the 35th overall pick in last week's draft. Davidson was Arizona's third selection, one of five players they drafted before the end of the supplemental first round. Bob McManaman of The Arizona Republic says Davidson was given a tour of Chase Field and took batting practice with the big league club after signing.

Financial terms of the deal are unknown, but MLB's recommended slot bonus for the 35th overall pick is expected to be right around $1MM.

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How do you guys feel about interleague play? I understand the problems in creates in terms of the unbalanced schedule, but the fan in me still loves it. Anyway, here's some evening links as rivalry weekend kicks off…

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Odds And Ends: Fields, Grilli, Boras, D’Backs

Some links for Thursday evening…

  • Josh Fields told MLB.com's Scott Merkin that he had a "blunt and straightforward" meeting with Ken Williams about his place on the White Sox.
  • Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune reports the White Sox drafted their GM's son, Tyler Williams, and Harold Baines Jr..
  • Jason Grilli was recently dealt to the Rangers and now he's working on a deal of his own. According to his Twitter, Grilli plans to exchange "cash or an item to be named later" for number 49.
  • Gavin McCourt, the son of Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, was drafted by the Red Sox. The 39th round pick says Scott Boras wouldn't fit into his "family dynamics," so his dad will represent him, according to the LA Times .
  • Scott Bordow of the East Valley Tribune believes it's time for the Diamondbacks to sell, beginning with Felipe Lopez and Doug Davis.
  • And I'll be talking baseball on 590 KFNS in St. Louis tonight at 11pm CST, so tune in if you're in the area. If not, you can always listen online.

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Pirates Draft Roundup

Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette asked GM Neal Huntington if Tony Sanchez had more upside and talent than the other players available when the Pirates picked fourth. Here are a couple of points Huntington made in his reply to Kovacevic:

  • "We did not take the player we felt had the highest upside on the board with the Sanchez selection, but we did select the player who was at the top of our board at the time."
  • Huntington says upside isn't everything, pointing out that it's risky to draft high school pitchers.
  • "If Stephen Strasburg or Dustin Ackley had slipped, we would have likely altered our approach to the draft and committed greater resources to either of them."

Instead, the Pirates plan to commit to a group of talented players, according to Pat Mitsch of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Huntington and his staff drafted 21 players who are demanding bonuses of $100k or more, and he expects to sign many by recruiting well and being "very aggressive."

The Pirates were criticized for taking Sanchez when they did, but, as MLB.com's Jen Langosch reports, draft expert Jonathan Mayo praised the Pirates' approach on day two.