2008 Amateur Draft Rumors

Odds and Ends: Jeter, Al Reyes, Schilling, Dunn

Let’s kick things off with a link roundup.

  • River Ave. Blues wonders about Derek Jeter‘s future with the Yankees.  The Yanks don’t have to deal with it until after the 2010 season.
  • Reliever Al Reyes is now a free agent.  The 38 year-old still has a bit left in the tank.
  • Baseball America’s Jim Callis lists the draft’s best coups.
  • Curt Schilling is leaning toward retirement.  If he does come back, here is a reminder of the 12 teams he was willing to play for last year aside from the Red Sox: Indians, Tigers, Angels, Mets, Phillies, Braves, Dodgers, Padres, D’Backs, Cubs, Cardinals, and Brewers.
  • Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post says the Rockies need to keep Todd Helton.
  • Ken Rosenthal says the Dodgers’ failure to block the D’Backs’ waiver claim on Adam Dunn was a mistake.
  • Sam Mellinger explains that Eric Hosmer was smart to hold out for $6MM.

Week In Review: 8/10 – 8/16

Taking a look back at this week’s happenings here on MLBTR…

Law: Major-League Deals For Recent Draftees

ESPN’s Keith Law has an article up in which he takes a look at the difference between signing a draft pick to a major-league deal rather than a minor-league deal. With all of the talk of draft picks and contract signings following Friday’s deadline, Law’s article is a good way of clearing up any questions readers may have on contract statuses.

Law uses the Orioles and their first-round pick, Brian Matusz, as an example as he explains the difference between signing players to a major-league contract and a minor-league contract.

Law also points out that even players who sign major-league contracts can still see time at the minor-league level, and that signing a major-league contract immediately places the player on that club’s 40-man roster, despite which level they are headed to.

The ’08 Draft: Knee-Jerk Reactions

We live-blogged the ’08 amateur draft last Thursday, and it was a lot of fun.  Over 4,000 people came along for the ride.  You can read the transcript here.

Immediately after each of the first 30 picks, I polled readers on whether the team "made the right choice."  We can keep the results for posterity and determine whether it’s fair to rag on a team for picking the wrong guy.  If most people liked the pick at the time it was made, it wouldn’t be right to criticize it in hindsight.  Here are the poll responses to the question, "Did Team X make the right choice by drafting Player Y?

  1. Tim Beckham, Rays – 80% said yes.
  2. Pedro Alvarez, Pirates – 89%.
  3. Eric Hosmer, Royals – 63%.
  4. Brian Matusz, Orioles – 80%.
  5. Buster Posey, Giants – 68%.
  6. Kyle Skipworth, Marlins – 54%.
  7. Yonder Alonso, Reds – 33%.
  8. Gordon Beckham, White Sox – 79%.
  9. Aaron Crow, Nationals – 82%.
  10. Jason Castro, Astros – 14%.
  11. Justin Smoak, Rangers – 90%.
  12. Jemile Weeks, A’s – 41%.
  13. Brett Wallace, Cardinals – 65%.
  14. Aaron Hicks, Twins – 79%.
  15. Ethan Martin, Dodgers – 62%.
  16. Brett Lawrie, Brewers – 62%.
  17. David Cooper, Blue Jays – 26%.
  18. Ike Davis, Mets – 55%.
  19. Andrew Cashner, Cubs – 57%.
  20. Josh Fields, Mariners – 65%.
  21. Ryan Perry, Tigers – 53%.
  22. Reese Havens, Mets – 33%.
  23. Allan Dykstra, Padres – 28%.
  24. Anthony Hewitt, Phillies – 32%.
  25. Christian Friedrich, Rockies – 89%.
  26. Daniel Schlereth, D’Backs – 65%.
  27. Carlos Gutierrez, Twins – 21%.
  28. Gerrit Cole, Yankees – 82%.
  29. Lonnie Chisenhall, Indians – 17%.
  30. Casey Kelly, Red Sox – 74%.

There you have it.  Readers agreed least with the Astros’ selection of Castro and most with the Rangers’ pick of Smoak.

Odds And Ends: Draft Recap

Let’s take a look and see what is being said about the first round selections from day one of the Rule 4 Draft…

  • Keith Law calls this year’s first round "unusual in a number of ways," noting that more than half of the picks were college relief pitchers, corner infielders and catchers, three areas that usually get little attention in the first round. Law also gives us his choice for the team that made the best pick (Rockies), the worst picks (Seattle, Minnesota) and the teams that picked players that could reach the big leagues quickly (Seattle, Detroit, Arizona, Chicago, Baltimore).
  • Baseball America has their first round recap with a look at each of the draftees.
  • Minor League Ball gives us their thoughts on a few sleepers from the 4th and 5th round of the draft.
  • The D-Backs top pick seems to be the most vocal draftee in terms of wanting to be in the big leagues this season.
  • Buster Olney provides a complete collection of local media reactions to each of the first round draft picks (will need an ESPN Insider password).

Cork Gaines writes for Rays Index and can be reached here.

MLB Draft Live Blog

You can view today’s draft picks and live blog here.  Also you can see the top 30 with Keith Law’s analysis here.

Draft Day Roundup

The draft is just four hours away.  We’ll be live-blogging it here at MLBTR.  Here are today’s draft links.

Draft Roundup

Tomorrow is draft day!  ESPN’s coverage begins at 1pm CST.  We’ll live-blog it here at MLBTR, just for the fun of it.  Here are today’s draft-related links.

Draft Roundup

Today’s draft links.

Draft Roundup

More draft action for you today.

  • ESPN’s Keith Law has an excellent draft overview, and it’s not behind the subscriber wall.  I wonder what kind of traffic ESPN would get if they freed up all their content.  Law also has his top 30 projections, if you’re a subscriber.
  • Is Rick Porcello a problem?  Matthew Futterman implies that teams like the Brewers couldn’t possibly afford him.  But the Crew spent $42MM on Jeff Suppan.