List Of First Round Draft Picks To Sign

Here's a list of all the first round picks that shows which first-round picks have signed and for how much:

  1. Washington Nationals – Stephen StrasburgAgreed to a Major League deal worth $15.1MM guaranteed.
  2. Seattle Mariners – Dustin Ackley - Agreed to a Major League deal worth $7.5MM guaranteed.
  3. San Diego Padres – Donavan Tate - Agreed to a $6.25MM bonus.
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates – Tony Sanchez Agreed on a bonus of about $2.5MM.
  5. Baltimore Orioles – Matt Hobgood - Agreed to sign for about $2.4MM.
  6. San Francisco Giants – Zack Wheeler  – Agreed to a $3.3MM bonus.
  7. Atlanta Braves – Mike Minor – Agreed to terms on a $2.42MM bonus.
  8. Cincinnati Reds – Mike LeakeSigned to a bonus of $2.27MM.
  9. Detroit Tigers – Jacob Turner  – Agreed to Major League deal with $5.5MM guaranteed.
  10. Washington Nationals – Drew Storen - Agreed on a bonus of about $1.6MM.
  11. Colorado Rockies – Tyler Matzek Agreed to a $3.9MM bonus.
  12. Kansas City Royals – Aaron Crow - Agreed to sign.
  13. Oakland A's – Grant Green - Agreed to a $2.75MM bonus.
  14. Texas Rangers – Matt Purke - Did not sign.
  15. Cleveland Indians – Alex White - Agreed to a $2.25MM bonus.
  16. Arizona Diamondbacks – Bobby Borchering - Signed for $1.8MM.
  17. Arizona Diamondbacks – A.J. Pollock - Signed, bonus believed to be $1.4MM.
  18. Florida Marlins – Chad James – Agreed to terms on a $1.7MM bonus.
  19. St. Louis Cardinals – Shelby Miller – Agreed to terms on a $2.9MM bonus.
  20. Toronto Blue Jays – Chad Jenkins - Agreed to sign for a bonus of $1.36MM.
  21. Houston Astros – Jiovanni Mier - Agreed to sign for a bonus of $1.358MM.
  22. Minnesota Twins – Kyle Gibson  – Agreed to a $1.8MM bonus.
  23. Chicago White Sox – Jared Mitchell - SignedThe bonus is $1.2MM.
  24. Los Angeles Angels – Randal Grichuk – Signed for a bonus of $1.225MM.
  25. Los Angeles Angels – Mike Trout - Agreed to signThe bonus is $1.2MM.
  26. Milwaukee Brewers – Eric Arnett - Signed, bonus believed to be about $1.2MM.
  27. Seattle Mariners – Nick Franklin Signed for a bonus of $1.28MM.
  28. Boston Red Sox – Reymond Fuentes - Signed for a bonus of about $1.13MM.
  29. New York Yankees – Slade HeathcottSigned for a $2.2MM bonus.
  30. Tampa Bay Rays – Levon Washington - Did not sign.
  31. Chicago Cubs – Brett Jackson - Agreed to termsJackson gets $972k.
  32. Colorado Rockies – Tim WheelerAgreed to signThe bonus is $900k, according to BP.

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